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What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

We offer cancer rehabilitation and lymphedema treatment in a relaxing environment. As a specialty clinic we stand apart from hospitals and large inauspicious cancer facilities with continuous feedback from patients expressing how New Leaf is contrarily a comfortable, healing and supportive space. Our mission is to create an environment where people can recover from illness or injury and return to doing the things in life that bring them joy. Special Services at New Leaf: 1. Oncology Rehabilitation: New Leaf therapists have received specialty certifications and have extensive experience treating patients during and after cancer treatment. We also provided pre-treatment consultations to educate, reduce anxiety related to treatment, and prepare for best outcomes during and after treatment. Cancer rehabilitation often includes postsurgical or radiation scar tissue treatment, pain management, strength and flexibility training, massage and manual therapies, and returning to enjoyable patient activities. 2. Lymphedema Therapy: Our CLTs treat patients with lymphedema and other swelling disorders through Complete Decongestive Therapy: education, skin care and infection prevention, exercise and elevation, compression with bandages, pumps or garments which we carry in-house, and manual lymph drainage. 3. Education and speaking engagements: New Leaf instructors host educational workshops that provide information to patients, caretakers, healthcare providers, and cancer support groups. Topics include the lymphatic system with self-care techniques, core strengthening classes, and preparing for breast cancer related surgeries. 4. Pool Therapy: The newest addition to New Leaf services, physical therapy sessions in the pool are instructed by Elsa Mitchell DPT, CLT. Patients begin a program and learn to continue pool use independently, particularly benefiting patients with lower extremity swelling.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

New Leaf therapists are respected within the community as experts in the field and we continue to cultivate healthy relationships with referring providers in our region. Our reputation for highly skilled and quality services results in a steady growth of patients since our inception in 2010.

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