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Core Pilates and Physical Therapy

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Dedicated to getting you back to doing the things you want to do! Our unique approach of one on one manual treatment and neuromuscular re-education in the Pilates environment allows for the full integration of the mind and body and a smooth progression from rehabilitation to fitness. All of our physical therapists are experts and have extensive training and additional certifications in Maitland-Australian manual therapy, myofascial release, Mulligan technique, ART, Graston, Sports and Conditioning, and muscle energy technique. At Core Pilates & Physical Therapy, we combine the current best research in orthopedics and movement science with the Pilates method for balancing the body with specific exercise and focused breathing to restore function, create healthy coordinated movement patterns, and reduce pain. Expect to be touched, to move, to sweat. We believe in the power of exercise to transform.

Providers at this location

Julie Schottland-Cox
Trina Mann
Eric O'Brien
Jennifer Barron
Rachele Ferraro's Practice
2191 Market Street, Suite D
San Francisco, California
For Your Eyes Only Optometry, Apc
552 Castro Street
San Francisco, California
Stan Weisenberg's Practice
1304 Castro Street, Suite C
San Francisco, California
Michael Allen Graves's Practice
879 14th Street
San Francisco, California
Korngold Psychotherapy
4155 24th Street
San Francisco, California
Robert Solley PhD
1021 Sanchez Street
San Francisco, California
Dr. Sam B. Leong, Ph.D.
1100 Sanchez Street
San Francisco, California
Bonita Ann Palmer MD. MFT
3661 20th Street
San Francisco, California