Find the top-rated physiotherapists in Hamilton

Westmount Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

723 Rymal Rd W, Suite 300, Hamilton, ON L9B 2W2
A Hamilton physiotherapy clinic established in 2001, Westmount Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation has been providing patient-focused treatment to residents of Hamilton, West Mountain, Ancaster, and surrounding areas. It is a collaboration of highly trained physiotherapists, assistants, kinesiologists, and RMTs, who adopt a multi-health approach to ensure physical rehabilitation. The clinic also offers acupuncture and custom knee bracing.

Mountain Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation - pt Health

520 Upper Sherman Avenue, Hamilton, ON L8V 3L8
Mountain Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is a clinic that specializes in physiotherapy in Hamilton. It incorporates physical medicine and rehabilitation programs into treatment in order to help clients live injury-free lives. It has made its physiotherapy exercises fun for all clients for them to enjoy treatment, but with guaranteed success. Clients can visit the clinic now to see for themselves how the clinic has made it for over 10 years.

Better Balance Physiotherapy

1 Young Street, Suite 615, Hamilton, ON L8P 4X5
Front lined​ by a healthcare professional considered as one of the most notable physiotherapists Hamilton has today, Better Balance Physiotherapy emerges as a leading source professional physiotherapy services in the area. In this Hamilton physiotherapy center, an individualized, integrated approach to the management of pain and mobility concerns is applied that covers the whole continuum of patient care.

Physiomed -1070 Stone Church Rd E #30, Hamilton, ON L8W 3K8

1070 Stone Church Road East, Hamilton, ON L8W 3L3
In Hamilton physiotherapy clinic Physiomed, feeling better is just the beginning. Its package of combining rehabilitative treatment with proactive clinical conditioning guarantees that its physiotherapists treat the cause and prevent it from coming back, keeping every patient healthy and not keeping them from enjoying life. Dedicated physiotherapist William Hann and staff work together to ensure the best osteopathic treatment.

Lifemark Physiotherapy Main East & Kenilworth

1440 Main Street East, Hamilton, ON L8K 6M3
LifeMark Health Management is a Hamilton physiotherapy clinic that assesses and treats a variety of musculoskeletal disorders resulting from work-related incidents, sports activities, and motor vehicle accidents. On staff are professional physiotherapists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, and kinesiologists to walk clients through the process. Also available are pediatric occupational therapists and traveling occupational therapists.

Southmount Physiotherapy

1275 Rymal Rd. E., Hamilton, ON L8W 3N1
A recognized, award-winning Hamilton physiotherapy clinic, Southmouth aims to help patients get back to their daily activities pain-free. It offers services in physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and contemporary medical acupuncture. Its health care team of manual therapists, sports physiotherapists, kinesiologists, and personal trainers provides patients with thorough assessment and diagnosis and evidence-based treatment plans.

Performance Physiotherapy

50 Dundurn Street South, Hamilton, ON L8P 4W3
A leading Hamilton physiotherapy clinic, Performance offers services including physical therapy for private injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and WSIB claims. The clinic houses experienced and registered practitioners. Each provides quality care in the treatment, management, and prevention of a variety of orthopaedic conditions, such as achilles tendonitis, conditions requiring post-operative therapy, sciatica, and whiplash.

Activa Clinics - Hamilton

50 Dundurn Street South, Unit B8, Hamilton, ON L8P
Hamilton physiotherapy clinic Activa is your neighborhood health and wellness haven. Services offered include chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, psychological counseling, and nutrition. Absolutely the best physiotherapist, Surjit Abraham is on board, serving residents and students since 2011. Some other programs include care for motor vehicle accidents, aqua therapy, work conditioning, and chronic pain management.

Limeridge Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation - pt Health

849 Upper Wentworth St, Suite 306, Hamilton, ON L9A 5H4
A one-of-a-kind Hamilton physiotherapy clinic, Limeridge Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation centers on helping residents get back to enjoying pain-free lives as quickly as possible. Limeridge specializes in physiotherapy, massage therapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, and orthotics. Licensed clinicians work together as a team to ensure that each patient has a variety of the most effective therapy options.

Mountainview Total Rehab

260 Nebo Rd, Unit 6, Hamilton, ON L8W 3K5
A multidisciplinary Hamilton physiotherapy clinic, Nebo Physiotherapy, Massage, and Orthotics offers a variety of treatments, including shockwave therapy, orthotics, laser physiotherapy, massage therapy, and ultrasound therapy. Its skilled team of physiotherapist Rajesh Ramachandran and staff are available to provide therapeutic exercises for patients' special needs. Direct billing is available to those with extended health benefits.

Total Health Physio

1144 Wilson St W, Suite 102, Hamilton, ON L9G 3K9
Total Health Physio is an integrated and highly notable wellness facility considered as the preferred provider of physiotherapy in Hamilton Ontario. Here, patients are treated beyond the pain they present, as this clinic's professionals assess each patient comprehensively and delve into the root cause of the problem to achieve not just symptom relief but also holistic and lasting recovery from the disease or injury itself.

Phoenix Sports Medicine Experts

1685 Main Street West, Suite 195, Hamilton, ON L8S 1G5
Phoenix Sports Medicine Experts is the clinic of choice for active physiotherapy Hamilton Ontario clients can avail as a noninvasive pain control management or as a solution to mobility limitations. This wellness center has a mission of providing the highest quality of care to athletes at all levels, from assessment to treatment and rehabilitation, to speed up their recovery and aid them to get back to their prior optimal conditions.

bphealth clinic - John St.

554 John St N, Hamilton, ON L8L 4S1
bphealth clinic - John St. is an integrated, multidisciplinary health and medical clinic with specially highlighted services on Hamilton physio. This state-of-the-art facility offers comprehensive rehabilitative services through the expertise of its Hamilton physiotherapists who are well equipped to deal with various musculoskeletal disorders or personal and sports injuries and are dedicated to help patients attain relief and recovery.

Restorative Touch Physiotherapy

1119 Fennell Ave E, Suite 226, Hamilton, ON L8T 1S2
Restorative Touch Physiotherapy is a well-noted Hamilton physiotherapy clinic dedicated to bringing healing to patients through its prime physiotherapy services. Headlined by a clinician considered as one of the most recognized physiotherapists in Hamilton, this facility delivers personalized treatment that allows patients to progress at their own pace and inspires them to become active participants in their care.

Charlton Physiotherapy

230 James Street South, 3rd floor, Hamilton, ON L8P 3B3
Charlton Physiotherapy is a recognized full-service Hamilton physiotherapy center committed to helping patients live life free from pain and discomforts. With services offered by a physiotherapist Hamilton patients trust and prefer, this wellness center comes on top of the list of providers of excellent rehabilitative solutions to improve functioning and mobility while at the same time reducing pain and discomforts.

Victoria Community Physical Rehab and Physiotherapy - pt Health

414 Victoria Ave N, L2, Hamilton, ON L8L 5G8
Victoria Community Physical Rehab is an up-to-date community-based Hamilton physiotherapy center helping patients within and from the surrounding area feel their best. In this Hamilton physiotherapy clinic, a well-rounded physical therapist is always on the go to assess and manage patients with musculoskeletal injuries and conditions which are the main culprits that cause pain and mobility problems.

TOTAL PHYSIO West Mountain

700 Main Street East, Hamilton, ON L8M 1K7
TOTAL PHYSIO Main St. Clinic is a cutting-edge and full-service Hamilton physiotherapy clinic unique in its ability to provide continued care, from the acute stage to full recovery. Whether patients have dysfunctions caused by work or sports injuries or due to chronic debilitating conditions, the therapist in this center is dedicated to helping each patient conquer the physical limitations caused by these afflictions.

TOTAL PHYSIO East End Clinic

754 Queenston Road, Hamilton, ON L8G 1A4
For the best physiotherapy Hamilton Ontario has today, drop by TOTAL PHYSIO East End Clinic. Foremost among the physiotherapy clinics in the area, this health and wellness center offers the best value of one's money through its excellent provision of physical therapy solutions especially designed to deliver lasting relief to the pain, discomforts, and mobility difficulties caused by injuries and illnesses affecting the musculoskeletal system.

Tim Rogers Physiotherapy

200 James Street SouthSuite 301, Hamilton, ON L8P 3A9
When seeking for the finest physiotherapy in Hamilton Ontario currently, check out Tim Rogers Physiotherapy. It is a cutting-edge wellness center offering complete physiotherapy services modified to address the holistic but varying needs of its patients. Using an all-encompassing approach aided by research-based techniques, its therapists works together with the patient to assist them in achieving their therapeutic objectives.

Saint Eliabeth Health

1525 Stone Church Rd E, Hamilton, ON L8W 3P8
Saint Elizabeth Health is an all-encompassing, integrated health and wellness facility with services including the provision of excellent physiotherapy in Hamilton Ontario. Supported by its team of exceptional physical therapists, this center works with clients across all ages and with an array of musculoskeletal conditions and offers manual therapies, corrective exercise programs, and mobilization training as part of its rehabilitation services.

Maureen Sawyer Physiotherapy

71 Claudete Gate, Hamilton, ON L9B 2S3
Maureen Sawyer Physiotherapy is a well-established Hamilton physiotherapy clinic dedicated to making the whole physical therapy process a positive experience for patients. This physio clinic has been in service since 1997 and, as such, has a wide experience and extensive expertise in treating patients with orthopedic, neurological, balance, and other chronic disorders, as well as injuries caused by accidents and trauma.


rmt rmt, Hamilton, ON L9C 5T6
A highly recommended and one of the leading Hamilton physiotherapy clinics, L provides high-quality services and unmatched techniques when it comes to the provision of physiotherapy care. This Hamilton physiotherapy clinic is grounded on the mission of providing only the best in care and helping clients achieve their optimum health and wellness by delivering innovative approaches via state-of-the-art technologies.

AIM Health Group - Hamilton West

1605 Main Street West, Hamilton, ON L8S 1B6
AIM Health Group - Hamilton West is a state-of-the-art, integrated health facility that offers comprehensive health services and solutions including physiotherapy in Hamilton. This clinic's Hamilton physiotherapy expert offers a wide range of excellent and evidence-based physiotherapy treatment solutions to assist patients reclaim a life free of pain, movement limitations, and general functional disability.