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AIM is a leading Canadian healthcare services provider. Incorporated in 1990, AIM provides healthcare consumers with an entire continuum of care at facilities across Canada. AIM Health Group is a fully integrated healthcare company that provides comprehensive health care services and solutions for patients, health care providers, corporate clients concerned about occupational health, hospitals and other institutional providers of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. AIM Health Group provides services to individuals that are ill, injured, or disabled, and to individuals requiring life style interventions to improve their quality of life (wellness). This philosophy translates into a continuum of health delivery where the individual’s health care is integrated with the various service providers through a complex public-private delivery model. This continuum of care model is the core concept of AIM Health Group’s integrated service and delivered within the community based AIM Health and Wellness Centres.

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  • Reviewed on November 23rd, 2013  •  Verified patient
    I have been involved with a magnificent specialist at Aim Clinic, then CPM (Centre for Pain Management). As a patient, I was treated as a human being with feelings and the horrendous injury history that caused me to land in a life of pain management. However, this wonderful doctor has left to begin his own practice. Now, this human-kind care has gone. My new doctor was so interested in bragging on himself at how great he is at controlling the medication per government regulations, rather than controlling my pain. He did NOT ask for my injury history or what brought me there in first place or any information. I was VERY disappointed and am now frightened I will go backwards rather than forward in management of pain from SEVERAL serious injuries. IT IS CRUCIAL IN WELLNESS TO TREAT THE PATIENT....NOT THE REGULATIONS OR DRUGS THEMSELVES.
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