Photo of Shivangi Trivedi


Uptown Markham Rehab Centre
3603 Highway 7 East, Suite 103
Markham, Ontario
Tue 10:00 am - 6:00 pm  
Fri 10:00 am - 2:00 pm  


Shivangi Trivedi is an experienced Registered Physiotherapist with a graduate in Bachelors of Physiotherapy in 2007, specializing in Manual therapy and Neurodevelopmental treatment. Shivangi has extensive experience treating work related, gym, acute and chronic sports injuries; neurological disorders like concussion, stroke in pediatrics and adults; pregnancy related musculoskeletal conditions, diastesis recti and post-natal fitness. She is passionate about fitness and uses physiotherapy principles to create custom fitness sessions for injury prevention and advanced return to function rehabilitation, named as 'PHYSIOFIT' sessions. Shivangi is a Certified Mulligan Practitioner and Certified Neurodevelopmental Therapist with a research publication in International Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy. She focuses strongly on thorough assessments, evidence based manual techniques and custom exercises. Treatment strategies include Soft tissue and fascia mobilization, Mulligan techniques, Active and passive elongations, Strengthening exercises, Taping and Electrotherapeutic modalities for pain relief. Shivangi cherishes her growing years as a sports captain having won state and local championships in Cricket, Judo-Karate, Shot put, Discus Throw and Long jump and enjoys variety of outdoor sports and hiking.