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NA QU (Monica)
Susan McGuire


Physiotherapy , Massage Therapy, Chiropractor, Dietitian, Acupuncture, Custom Orthotics, Orthopedic shoes, Cervical Pillow, back support, Compression stockings, TENS machine and all other therapeutic units and devices, Assessment for wheelchair and walker for funding through OHIP FREE CONSULTATION FOR PHYSIOTHERAPY SENIOR'S DISCOUNT ON SELECTED SERVICES JOBST, OBUS FORME, SIGVARIS FOR COMPRESSION STOCKINGS

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

Clinic is owned by a Registered Physiotherapist, who believes in ethical practice and has excellent academic record. We provide Excellent Customer service AND we have multiple registered provider working under one roof.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

The clinic is owned and operated by registered professionals and it's not treated like a business. Its a health-care place where we take care of your pain, and add a life to your years! Our goal is not only to treat you, but EDUCATE you about your condition and it's prevention. ARK Physiotherapy strives to provide quality healthcare at affordable cost with focus on individual and utilization of various disciplines to deliver efficient health care. We Believe in "PROVIDING PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE WITH PERSONAL CARE"

Most Helpful Reviews

  • Reviewed on June 12th, 2013  •  Verified patient
    I was treated for my chronic low back pain by the physiotherapist and I was impressed by her knowledge and exercise based treatment approach
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  • Reviewed on April 9th, 2013  •  Verified patient
    Doctors are very cooperative and take every care of the patients. Especially Dr.Archana, who studies in depth of the ailments and makes every effort to remove it. I appreciate their's attitude and efforts.
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