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Leaps and Bounds: Performance Rehabilitation

Let us help you find the perfect physiotherapist


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Welcome to Leaps and Bounds: Performance Rehabilitation, where your performance goal is our goal. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a beginner; a performing artist or a spirited dancer when no one is watching; someone with a physically demanding job or a retired weekend warrior, our mission is to help you meet your ultimate physical goals. Our professionals understand that the key to optimal performance is determining the root cause of your symptoms, which can only be attained with an accurate diagnosis. In taking the time to conduct a thorough assessment, it allows us to classify the condition or injury according to its unique characteristics. Only when armed with the knowledge this correct diagnosis provides us, can the most effective treatment prescription be developed. This formula, in combination with your persistence, and adjustments as needed, empowers you to take control over your symptoms and ultimately your well-being. Leaps and Bounds: Performance Rehabilitation looks forward to being a part of the winning team that leads to your desired performance goals.

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

We don't just claim to provide advanced diagnoses and therapeutic techniques, we have the credentialed therapists to support that claim.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

1.) We have a fully credentialled Sport Physiotherapist (currently only 2 such physios in Oakville) 2.) We practice the advanced neck and back therapy procedures known as the McKenzie Method (2 of the 3 Oakville physiotherapists that practice this are here at Leaps and Bounds) 3.) We are a certified concussion clinic through CCMI 4.) We provide preventative rehabilitation through FMS, SFMA, and dancer screening protocols 5.) We provide 1 on 1 therapy with our patients (no assistants or aides here) 6.) We are not modalities-driven (i.e. your therapy will not consist of just machines and hot-packs; we are exercise -driven, because that is what the research shows works best

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