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Let us help you find the perfect physiotherapist


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"A BETTER WAY TO FEELING BETTER!" We provide our clients with a multidisciplinary approach to caring for their bodies. We offer our clients Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy), Spinal Decompression, Registered Massage Therapy,Naturopathic Care, Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture, and Chiropractic care. Our clients are motivated individuals who work closely with our professionals to attain better health. We provide our clients the most appropriate treatments in order to get them feeling better and stay feeling better. We focus on teaching our clients the “whys” and the “hows” of rehabilitative care; why an injury has occurred, how to fix it and how to prevent it from happening again. At Physio F/X we believe that you should participate in every aspect of your care. Education is the greatest tool we can give you! Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, and Naturopaths are regulated healthcare professionals capable of evaluating, designing, and implementing effective solutions for musculoskeletal problems. Our team will conduct a thorough consultation including the history of your problem, and a detailed examination. Assessment may include tests of muscle flexibility, strength, joint movements, and other special tests. Once a problem has been identified, we will discuss a treatment strategy specific to your needs.

Providers at this location

Joanna Luong
Ryan Real Jamisola
Dr. Lena Ma
Eric Gao
Lizzie Bowers

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  • Reviewed on November 12th, 2012  •  Verified patient
    Karen Kvrgic was the physiotherapist, who we contracted to help my son to regain the use of his knee, following extensive damage (severed ACL, torn miniscus, small fractures on the bone). She did not just sit my son on a machine as many of the larger clinics do. She took the time to write an extensive letter to my son's surgeon when the MRI results did not jive with what she was seeing in my son's physio. In fact, her observations were born out when the expected one hour surgery stretched into many hours, because the MRI had not shown all the injuries. Karen is dedicated, enthusiastic about her work, and is a warm, personable professional who I would recommended . The only disadvantage is that there is not easy parking near her building, but it is right across from the Town Centre parking lot so is not too bad....
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