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Laura specializes in treating both elite and recreational athletes in order to return them to their sports in optimal shape. She treats overuse injuries by addressing both the present injury and cause of the problem. Her treatments include soft tissue techniques, joint mobilizations, acupuncture, and injury specific return to sport exercises. Laura graduated from Queen’s University in physiotherapy and has passed the Canadian Physiotherapy Postgraduate Orthopedic Exams. She is frequently an examiner for the licensing exams for Canadian physiotherapists. She began her career with a year of inpatient physiotherapy at Mt. Sinai Hospital. She has four years experience treating acute and chronic orthopedic injuries, post surgical orthopedic cases, osteoarthritis, fractures, and joint replacements in outpatient hospital physiotherapy. She has eight years experience working at the Sports Medicine Specialists treating elite and recreational athletes from a variety of sports. In 2008 Laura treated three Beijing Olympians. Laura frequently works as a physiotherapist at sporting events. Most recently this has included the Tevlin Tennis Challenger, the Canadian Track and Field Championships, the Festival of Excellence featuring a host of world Track and field athletes and the 2010 IAAF World Junior Track and Field Championships. Laura has a keen interest in running and in 2005 graduated with an MSc from the University of Western Ontario researching "Distance Runners With and Without Iliotibial Band Syndrome". She presented her research at the Canadian Orthopedic Physiotherapy Conference and is pursuing publication. She has an active interest in running injury prevention, form analysis, and is a frequent guest speaker at running clubs. Personally, she has evolved from an 800m runner on the Queen’s University track team to a 2:52 marathoner. Laura has twice run in the elite women’s start of the Boston marathon. Her most memorable marathon was guiding a blind runner to a 5.5 hour finish in NYC.