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Sahib Physiotherapy
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Toronto, Ontario
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My name is Neelam Kumar, (Registered Physiotherapist) M.C.P.A, M.O.P.A, M.I.A.P. 28 PLUS Years of professional experience Practicing Physiotherapy. Our clinic is the Preferred provide Treatment Clinic for "The Co-operator General Insurance Company" We have been often recommended by many patients to others, for their own family members and friends. Many Doctors refer their patients to our clinic and at times Doctors themselves and their own family comes to our clinic for their Physical therapy needs. I had the opportunity to work in the province of British Columbia since 1995 in various clinical units of different hospitals and private clinics. I have been practicing Physiotherapy profession in Ontario since 1993 and had the opportunity to work in Nursing homes, home care and Physiotherapy clinics. In these many years of experiences, along with my education, I had excellent opportunity to provide the best Physiotherapy and healthcare treatment to my patients. In my long professional experience and practice, I strongly support hands-on manual therapy treatment along with patient condition specific exercises program. I have keen desire to learn more about new treatment options and methods to better help my patients. I recommend customized patients treatment plans to get the best results. I only apply patients specific treatment plan with evidence based results to show its best results and effectiveness. I always provide one-to-one interaction with all my patients to achieve maximum health benefits and minimize pain & suffering.

Why should patients choose you as their provider instead of others in the area?

In my Physiotherapy professional practice since 1989 from India and from 1995 here in Canada, I have realized that to get the optimum healing results it is utmost important to find the origin of ailment. I have the knowledge and experience to treat patients of all ages, from young age to very senior age to help them recover from an Injury, pain or suffering and to regain strength and stability in a dedicated, caring, professional and relaxed environment. I apply a combination of treatment like various modalities, Laser therapy, hands-on approach and condition specific exercise program for the patient to get the maximum heath benefits for the patients. Along with my education, knowledge and 28 PLUS years of practical experience (India and Canada), I can provide the most effective treatment options with minimum clinical visits.

What are the top 3 treatments that you focus on?

* Post Surgical Rehabilitation and Laser therapy. * Functional Exercise Rehabilitation program. * Hands-on Manual therapy for various body parts treatment and joint mobilizations.

What are you proud of in your practice?

With my 28 PLUS years of practical Physiotherapy professional experience, I am able to diagnose the patient health concerns in much details and depth than what it might appear. I always dig deeper to get to the root cause of the patient health condition and then provide most effective treatment plan. I keep myself updated with literature and researches to provide the best suited patient specific Physiotherapy treatment. I provide one-to-one treatment session and treat each patient with my utmost attention and care. My Physiotherapy Assistant who is also very knowledgeable and has many years of experience, works under my direct supervision and instructions.

Which cases do you enjoy treating? Why?

In my many years of professional Physiotherapy practice I enjoy treating all the health concerns of my patients. I have the experience of treating patients due to Motor vehicle accidents, Total hip or Knee replacement, any post-surgical Rehab or any other suffering from a previous injury or condition. Rotator Cuff, Frozen shoulders, Back pain, Baker's Cyst, Tendinitis / TMJ / Bell's Palsy, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Spinal Cord injuries, Tennis / Golfers Elbow, various Sports injuries are just a few condition that I enjoy treating though there are many other patients that come to our clinic for many other health concerns or sufferings. Some of the treatment and rehabilitation program can be very challenging but at the end when myself and patients get the desired results, patient satisfaction, gain of patients health goal, loss of pain or suffering. I find it to be most rewarding for myself. I enjoy patients health progress through every stage of their recovery and treatment. I enjoy the most when Patient mostly say - "I feel much better now compared to when I first started coming here to you for my treatment."