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Kerrisdale Physiotherapy (PrecisionCare)

Let us help you find the perfect physiotherapist


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Kerrisdale Physiotherapy’s philosophy of care represents a radical change from the current standard in physiotherapy. It is our belief that quality care cannot be hurried and seeing multiple patients at a time reduces overall quality of care. At Kerrisdale Physiotherapy, we exceed the current standard of care with appointments being 30 minutes in duration and only 1 patient being seen at a time. No aspect of your treatment is delegated to support staff nor is your therapist’s presence ever replaced by a machine. Quality care at Kerrisdale Physiotherapy is also a reality that is supported by credentials. Kerrisdale Physiotherapy boasts practitioners who have achieved doctoral level education, authored medical textbooks, lectured around the world and actively involved in research. At Kerrisdale Physiotherapy, we emphasize methodologies backed by scientific research so that results are not left to chance alone. They are achieved by thorough examination, systemic evaluation and advanced methodologies. Kerrisdale Physiotherapy is conveniently located in the heart of Kerrisdale just minutes away from Oakridge Mall.

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