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Dawn Marie Tobler

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Dawn Marie has been helping clients of all ages with massage therapy and self care since 2004! Treatments encompass: relaxation/ stress reduction, releasing muscle tightness & fascial scar tissue, trigger point therapy (“releasing those knots”), piriformis & patellar femoral pain syndrome (runner’s knee), pregnancy massage, and various conditions. Techniques include: Swedish, myofascial release, acupuncture/ acupressure, to treat the root of the client’s challenges; with respect to physical and emotional well being. Dawn Marie has been reminded of the importance of selfcare; massage therapy, acupuncture, stretching and strength training with her 2010 pregnancy. She even massaged clients up to her last month and had a home birth to a healthy baby boy, Santiago!

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  • Analyzed my issue in detail
    Reviewed on April 2nd, 2013  •  Verified patient
    First, Marie analyzed my issue in detail and then suggested a treatment plan, which worked well in the end. My back was much relieved and I could go on with my day. She also made quite a few suggestions how I can avoid such back problems down the road.
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