Find the top-rated psychologists in Jacksonville

Beacon Pediatric Behavioral Health

6816 Southpoint Parkway, Suite 202, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Beacon Pediatric Behavioral Health will be exactly that for its patients; a beacon or light to guide them in their journey towards a better life. Whatever part of the journey the patient is in, this clinic provides the best psychologists in Jacksonville FL to assist them along the way. The clinic focuses on guiding adolescents with behaviour difficulties. Any Jacksonville psychologist from this clinic would be an expert in counseling psychology.

Jacqueline Osborne's Practice

3599 University Boulevard South, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Jacqueline Osborne is a psychologist in Jacksonville FL. The clinic is composed of highly trained psychologists such as Sarah Lahey, William Watson, Karen Cooper and Jacqueline A. Osborne. As psychologists in Jacksonville FL, they work collectively in serving the clients that seek counselling services. The health psychologists work on a one-on-one basis so as to further assess the client and plan appropriate treatments.

Susan N Young

14286 Beach Boulevard, Suite 22, Jacksonville, FL 32250
Susan Young is a professional and registered Jacksonville psychologist with years of experience. Her expertise is in treating depression but she is also available to do sessions on marriage counseling, clinical psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, and even family counseling. As a psychologist in Jacksonville FL, Susan also makes it a point to be available all throughout the week to serve her clients.

Natalie M. Stamey's Practice

2970 Hartley Road, Jacksonville, FL 32257
Looking for a psychologist in Jacksonville FL can prove to be challenging. That’s why going to Natalie M. Stamey, Psy.D. is an excellent idea. Dr. Stamey is a Jacksonville psychologist who has years of experience in counseling psychology. This doctor makes use of “talk therapy” to build a trusting relationship with her patients, which she believes is truly helpful in working out the patient’s grievances.

Barbara Frances Ehrenberg's Practice

12449 Gately Oaks Lane East, Jacksonville, FL 32225
Barbara Frances Ehrenberg is one of the better, if not best, psychologists in Jacksonville FL. Many of her patients regard her as a sincere and excellent Jacksonville psychologist with years of experience dealing with a variety of human problems, such as depression, anxiety, and grief, among many others. Dr. Ehrenberg uses a gentle and understanding approach to her patients in her counseling, encouraging them to confide and trust her judgment.

Parastoo F. Nabizadeh's Practice

6816 Southpoint Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Dr. Parastoo Nabizadeh is a psychologist in Jacksonville FL with years of experience in clinical psychology. Dr. Nabizadeh specializes in adolescent and child psychology. Despite this, she is also highly capable of serving couples with marriage counseling in Jacksonville FL. Dr. Nabizadeh relates with patients and strengthens the bonds they have with each other. Rest assured, Dr. Nabizadeh does her best to help patients achieve their goals.

Janice H. Miller's Practice

5645 Nettie Road, Jacksonville, FL 32207
Janice H. Miller, a Jacksonville psychologist, is an expert in clinical psychology. This doctor is renowned for her attentive listening and care for her patients. Dr. Miller doesn't make her patients feel as if they're being analyzed; she makes them feel comfortable and safe during her counseling services. Patients are at ease with this psychologist in Jacksonville FL because of her friendly and understanding approach.

Stewart Douglas Lewis's Practice

2120 Corporate Square Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Dr. Stewart Douglas Lewis, a clinical psychologist in Jacksonville FL with over forty-four years of experience, owns a clinic that focuses on psychological counseling. This Jacksonville psychologist's office schedules appointments efficiently and keeps patients calm despite a possibly nerve-wracking visit to a psychologist. Dr. Lewis feels true compassion for his patients and works hard to relieve them of their anxieties.

Carl Edward Begley's Practice

1638 Camden Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32207
Dr. Carl Edward Begley offers marriage counseling in Jacksonville FL. He has offered his services to the Jacksonville community for years. Many couples have gone to him to strengthen the bonds of their marriages. Dr. Begley also specializes in treating depression, grief, anxiety, relationship problems, and the like. Each patient gets the individualized care from a trained attentive listener, Dr. Begley himself.

Fred Joseph Rahaim's Practice

5635 Crest Creek Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32258
Dr. Fred Joseph Rahaim is an excellent clinical psychologist who offers counseling services in Jacksonville. This Jacksonville psychologist has counseling sessions for adolescents, adults, and married couples. All sessions are dedicated to helping patients form a better understanding of themselves and their relationships with others. Dealing with depression, anxiety, and social problems is no issue for this psychologist in Jacksonville FL.

Gabriel J. Ybarra's Practice

4110 Southpoint Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Gabriel J. Ybarra, an exceptional Jacksonville psychologist, has experience in dealing with adults, children, adolescents, and couples. This clinical psychologist in Jacksonville FL has been around to help people for years. Whether it be devastating problems like a death in the family or other difficulties, Dr. Ybarra has extensive experience in dealing with these problems. This doctor is consistent in guiding patients to quiet their dilemmas.

Mark Masters's Practice

1905 Corporate Square Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Looking for a Jacksonville psychologist is no problem, but finding the best fit for a person is the challenge. Mark Masters is considered one of the best clinical psychologists in Jacksonville FL. He gained this reputation with the numerous patients he assisted with his counseling. Dr. Masters is interested in progressing his patients' understanding of themselves to improve their emotional and mental health.

Russell R. Addeo's Practice

3901 University Boulevard South, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Dr. Russell R. Addeo has established his own practice as a Jacksonville psychologist. This clinical psychologist seeks to guide his clients towards a mentally and emotionally healthy lifestyle. Visiting a psychologist can be unnerving, but this psychologist in Jacksonville FL takes the time to put patients at ease. There is no problem too small or insignificant for Dr. Addeo. He gives patients his full attention in helping them work things out.

Robin Smith Vail's Practice

7865 Southside Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32256
Look no further for the best psychologist in Jacksonville FL. Dr. Robin Smith Vail has been a licensed clinical psychologist for over 34 years. This Jacksonville psychologist is dedicated to the community; he continues to offer counseling for the family, couples, and individuals. He focuses on behavioral health and Christian values in delivering his counseling sessions. Dr. Vail listens attentively and works with the client toward a happier life.

Becky J. Olson's Practice

6817 Southpoint Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Becky Olson is a Jacksonville psychologist renowned for her remarkable attentiveness and care for her patients. She doesn't give anything less than her 100% with her patients; she truly listens and wants to help her patients with their issues. She offers therapy focused on alleviating depression, anxiety, grief, social problems, and the like. This psychologist in Jacksonville FL gives her all to make patients emotionally and mentally healthy.