Let us help you find the perfect psychologist

Mind Body Spirit Center

Let us help you find the perfect psychologist


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I, as a LP, will help you take the journey to inner peace and happiness.

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

At the MInd Body Spirit Center we are looking to see if you are living in balance. We learn how to listen to the spirit/intuition/god within us, to lead us on a reflective journey. The brain tends to lie to us so we need to learn to live in awareness of what the body and spirit are saying to us, so we can create the changes we need to make. Finding that inner peace is a huge reward. Once you see the connection between the mind body and spirit you will have the courage to create the changes in your life and maybe in the people around you also. I have taken this personal journey myself. I tell my clients I have a lot of degrees from the "school of hard knocks" besides my academic degrees and license.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

That we can help others create change. Everyone deserves to be content in their lives. By taking this journey together you will have someone here who wants to hear your "story!" You will also gain an advocate for yourself. Having been through the therapy process years ago I understand personally the process of creating change. Make that courageous contact. You will hear back from me within hours to assist you in making your appt so we can start the process of creating the changes you desire.

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