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Total Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Centre - Thornhill
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Jeannette Quach became a certified athletic therapist in 2013 after graduating from York University with her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. She then attended the Ontario College of Health & Technology to become a Registered Massage Therapist as well as McMaster University for their Advanced Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program. In 2017, she completed the Complete Concussion Management course to further her knowledge and experience with concussed patients. When dealing with the body or the mind, Jeannette understands the importance of how every individual is different. This influences the foundation of her treatments which includes finding the source of the injury, treating the injury locally and globally and then reintegrating proper biomechanics to prevent the injury from re-occurring. Being a national ultimate frisbee player herself, Jeannette strives to get athletes back as safe and quick as possible using a variety of hands on skills as well as incorporating sport specific rehabilitation exercises for long term benefits.  Working predominantly in a motor vehicle accident clinic for a year after graduating, she has developed exceptional skills to address the psychological aspect of recovering from an injury whether she is dealing with an athlete or the general population. The following four years were dedicated to a sports medicine focused rehabilitation clinic where she used a combination of soft tissue release, joint mobilization and functional exercises to rehabilitate athletes, weekend warriors, desk marathoners and post operative patients. Taking a keen interest on concussions, Jeannette has a passion for proper concussion care as well as educating the patient so that they have a thorough understanding of their injury to help minimize psychological effects.