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Our Registered Massage Therapist Allison Follett-Campbell comes from a career background in marketing for professional services. After years of working at an accounting firm in downtown Toronto, she felt unfulfilled at work and with long hours and short deadlines, massage treatments were one of the few things that helped with her high stress levels and troubled sleep. “There finally came a time when I realized how helpful massage was for me and that by becoming a therapist myself, I could help other people in the same situation I was in, while gaining the fulfillment at work I needed by helping others manage stress to help with work-life balance while treating physical dysfunction.” A graduate of Sutherland-Chan School & Teaching Clinic, Allison chose to specialize at school in treatment clinics for breast massage, a multiple sclerosis & cancer treatment through an outreach program at Princess Margaret Lodge (a cancer-treatment patient temporary residence). These clinics not only helped her to refine technical skills but gave her the direction and focus needed to tailor treatments to patients needs.