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The greatest investment a person can make is in one's self. At our facility, it is our mission to ensure that our clients not only look good, feel great, but function optimally for life long results. We offer exclusive programs to those who are eager to commit themselves to improving their quality of life. We offer membership to a specific population of those who seek to live healthier and happier lives in a unique and private environment with elite level coaching and medical staff. ​ Link has a team that understands the unique dynamic structure of today’s clients from rehabilitation to professional sports athletes. We offer our clients a first class wellness concierge service with access to the best services and health network available. This is an amenity and level of service that is not found at traditional gyms or clinics, which makes Link even more unique.

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

WHY WE'RE DIFFERENT, WHY IT MATTERS... Your therapist will use our integrated principals to ensure a comprehensive assessment noting areas needing attention. Keep in mind where you feel pain is not always where your true issue actually is! We use a variety of tools during your assessment and treatment to individualize your needs. These tools consist of soft tissue manipulations, fascial stretch therapy, muscle activation techniques, fascial tools and corrective exercise and movements to address muscle and joint dysfunctions and to optimize your health. We also have a vast understanding and experience of functional neurology and rehabilitation to ensure your results are llong-lastingdue to the ability to train the brain in the deficient areas. This is often overlooked by other practitioners leading to reoccurring issues.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

Changing and improving the lives of our patients so that they can impact those that they interact with at work and at home. This may be moving pain-free or learning a specific movement to help a sport.

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