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Tuina Shifu

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Tuina (tui na) pronounced 'too-way-nah' is one of the four main branches of traditional Chinese medicine; its sister therapies are herbal medicine, acupuncture and qigong. Tuina is relatively new to the West but its roots in China are ancient. Archaeological studies have dated it back to around 2700 BC, making it the forefather of all forms of massage and body work that exit today from shiatsu to osteopathy. Throughout its history, tuina has been developed, refined and systematized by doctors in the colleges and hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine all over China. Tuina is a very popular form of treatment with the people in China and it is not at all unusual to see people queuing up in long lines outside the hospitals waiting for the tuina department to open. It is also the first choice of treatment for infants and children

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