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Hi, I am Dr. My Le, and welcome to my dental practice! Growing up, I have always enjoyed art and science, so it was no surprise that dentistry was the right path for me. What I love most about dentistry is that it’s not just procedural. It’s the perfect blend of art and science, which involves creativity and an appreciation for form and function. I love being able to get to the “root” of the problem while being a tooth artist at the same time. I lived most of my life in Winnipeg. After earning my Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Manitoba in 2011, I relocated to Northern Alberta and practiced extensively in the beautiful town of Peace River. My most cherished moments involved providing care to emergency patients in the palliative care unit at the Peace River Hospital. I have always wanted to offer the best care possible for all my patients and running my own clinic has allowed me to put this vision into full practice. Being a general dentist allows me to predictably and quickly get someone out of pain or enhance their smile to give them that extra boost of confidence to speak, smile, laugh, meet people, go for job interviews, and have their photos taken. In my 10 years of practice, I have seen many patients who were severely anxious about dental treatment. My goal is to always provide a calm and stress-free environment for them and to listen to their concerns and tailor their treatment plan to their specific needs.

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  • Reviewed on November 16th, 2021  •  Verified patient
    I’ve already recommended to my roommate. Very kind and gentle, especially since I come in with anxiety about pain. Also give you a free electric tooth brush and teeth whitening kit, which I wasn’t not expecting but super happy to get.
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