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We're a team of mission-driven, metrics obsessed individuals who are rapidly changing the slow-moving healthcare industry every single day.

There are no limits, no politics, no hierarchy. But most importantly, we make sure everything we do is held to the highest quality standards because what we're building impacts the lives of real people.

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Our Culture

It's not done until you're proud of it

We set an extremely high bar for ourselves. Whether it's a line of code or an email subject line, ask yourself "Am I proud of this?" The answer should always be "Yes".

Be better today than you were yesterday

Personal growth is everything. When each person on the team is improving on a daily basis and supporting each other to do so, our company gets better every single day.

Know your why

We have a strong foundational reason for everything we do, whether it's creating a better customer experience or growing our user base. Always ask why.

Build it for those you love

We are building Opencare for real people. Our customers are our moms, dads and loved ones - they deserve the absolute best.

Communicate thoughtfully

We communicate early and often. Problems arise from a lack of communication, never from too much communication. When in doubt, always communicate.

Every story starts with data

Understand, then create. Every decision we make - big or small - has a foundation in data. We don't guess. We measure, create, and iterate.

There is no box

Everything's impossible until somebody does it. True innovation happens when you solve problems from first principles and apply creativity without limits.

Dedicated to our mission

There are millions of opportunities to choose from. We've chosen to make the world a healthier place and we are going to do whatever it takes to accomplish that.

Dave Connolly

Software Engineer

Amazingly gifted team solving challenging growth, product and technical challenges to make a difference in a meaningful industry. What more could you ask for?

Taniya Ahmad

Customer Success Manager

My oral hygiene has never been stronger and my dentist, never happier

Mieka Loepp

Customer Success Manager

I like that I can be as weird as I want to and it is whole heartedly encouraged and embraced.

Dylan Tittel

Software Engineer

Opencare has an open culture and an open door policy.

Natalie Koay

Account Executive

At Opencare I am more than just my sales quota - I am a human being.

Hilal Dib

Software Engineer

I enjoy being consistently challenged and working with people smarter than myself.

June Wang

Growth Marketer

Never lived in Canada before but people here make me feel like home.

Mike Bettley

Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager

The entrepreneurial spirit at Opencare is both inspiring and humbling.

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