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We're making the world a healthier place.

We stick to our mission

Founded in 2012, Opencare’s vision is to change the way patients and health providers interact. We are currently laser focused on creating an amazing experience for patients to find the right health provider, and to bring them together using a streamlined appointment booking platform.

We see this as a gateway to simplifying all interactions between patients and providers; ultimately making health care more personable, approachable and accessible.

The team behind it all

  • Nikolai Bratkovski

    Nikolai Bratkovski


    Nikolai has founded and exited three companies, including SIMMS - a medical imaging SaaS company that served 2 million patients a year. Nikolai is also a quantified-self junkie who is often seen sporting multiple wearable devices.

  • Cameron Howieson

    Cameron Howieson


    Cam is a seasoned entrepreneur who sold his first company at the age of 24. He has experience leading teams to build products used by millions of people. Outside of work, you can find him playing guitar or travelling the globe.

  • Megan MacQuarrie

    Megan MacQuarrie

    Biz Ops Specialist

    Previously head of operations for a medical research startup, Megan has a passion for growing companies by helping others to focus on what they love. At Opencare, she applies her skills towards building company culture, automating processes, and driving employee growth. An avid reader and recent podcast convert, Megan can be found discussing the latest on psychology & culture over brunch.

  • Ian Milligan

    Ian Milligan

    Product Manager

    Ian has built products at everywhere from startups to Fortune-500 companies. He has a passion for helping customers by understanding their needs and translating them into great new products and features. Outside of work you might find Ian enjoying a board game with friends – if you can't find him, he's off running, hiking or camping off-the-grid.

  • Paul Feltoe

    Paul Feltoe

    Product Designer

    Paul is an experienced product designer with years of startup experience, but don’t call him an artist. When he’s not busy building solutions to help his customers, he can be found indulging in his fantasy football addiction.

  • Amina Tariq

    Amina Tariq

    Product Analyst

    Amina loves analyzing product data to figure out which processes should be automated and which features should be built to provide the best experience to Opencare users. In her free time, Amina enjoys daydreaming, competing in hackathons and hunting for hidden gem restaurants in the city.

  • David Connolly

    David Connolly

    Engineering Manager

    Dave has a passion for mapping real world business problems to technical solutions. He is a polyglot with a background in product management and engineering across multiple industries. Outside of work, Dave enjoys flying airplanes, rock climbing, and cycling.

  • Vadim Zverugo

    Vadim Zverugo

    Software Engineer

    A full stack developer with a passion for bringing ideas to life through code. Vadim loves clean, scalable, structured code and avoids unnecessary complexity. His hobbies include photography and psychology.

  • Ronen Ackerman

    Ronen Ackerman

    Software Engineer

    Ronen loves to toe the line between engineering and design. He's obsessed with writing elegant and maintainable code that never compromises on user experience. When he's not pondering CSS strategy, Ronen is making electronic music.

  • Francois Mathieu

    Francois Mathieu

    Growth Manager

    Francois is responsible for growing Opencare’s partnerships with dental offices across North America. What he enjoys most at work is enabling thousands of dental practice owners to grow their business with the help of technology. Outside of work you can find Francois at the local farmer’s market shopping for fresh veggies, or traveling around the world to find the best vegan restaurant.

  • Peter Sum

    Peter Sum

    Growth Manager

    Peter loves to understand what makes a business tick. His past experience includes e-commerce and mobile gaming, where he has helped to grow young startups into multimillion dollar businesses. On the weekends, you can find him playing the two best sports: basketball and chess.

  • Maria Cuasay

    Maria Cuasay

    Growth Associate

    Maria loves to understand underlying user motivations and to formulate user profiles. Her past experience includes VC investing with BDC Capital. Outside of work, she either exhaustively plays hockey or profusely reads history books.

  • Dan Gray

    Dan Gray

    Growth Associate

    Dan is a data-driven Growth Marketer that enjoys solving complex problems using data to uncover key consumer insights. For fun, Dan enjoys going to Blue Jays games, watching TV & movies and reading about the latest trends in technology.

  • Jennifer Lui

    Jennifer Lui

    Growth Marketer

    Jen loves helping brands tell their story and is a huge customer experience advocate. Outside of work, Jen loves to scope out different restaurants. Friends often call her on the fly for recommendations and have nicknamed her ‘human Yelp’.

  • Corrin Whiteway

    Corrin Whiteway

    Marketing Ops Specialist

    Corrin is a data-driven marketer who loves rethinking processes, solving problems, and asking “why?“. She has worked in consumer retail and mobile gaming in the past, learning to harness the (often undervalued) power of database marketing. In her free time you can find her riding her bike, flexing her culinary skills, or reading books about anything and everything.

  • Clay Brown

    Clay Brown

    C.S. Manager

    Clay has a passion for developing and growing customer relationships. He takes the time to build a strong understanding of client needs and objectives in order to match them with the optimal solution. In his spare time Clay can keep many balls in the air - namely volleyballs, dodge-balls and softballs.

  • Amanda Miller

    Amanda Miller

    C.S. Representative

    As a Customer Success Rep, Amanda uses her top-notch communication skills to help healthcare providers accept more patients through Opencare. During the winter, Amanda enjoys figure skating and during the summer she never misses a baseball game.

  • Mickey Zheng

    Mickey Zheng

    Partner Manager

    Mickey loves to solve problems with out-of-the-box solutions. Oh wait - there are no boxes in life, just doors waiting to be opened. Nothing makes him happier than meeting new people and creating a positive impact on their life. Find him on the weekend exploring foreign cities, trying new foods, or practicing Vince Carter dunks at your local YMCA.

  • Sandro Stojakovic

    Sandro Stojakovic

    Partner Manager

    Sandro is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking. From his perspective, the more spontaneous an activity, the more exciting. With a curious mind and thirst for continual learning, he has a passion for travel and meeting new people. In his spare time, find him: wandering, kicking/throwing balls in the park, catching up with friends, and trying new foods.

  • Jonathan Swanson

    Jonathan Swanson


    Jonathan has built and manages Thumbtack's global operations team, where he became an expert in growing and operating successful marketplaces. He loves trail running, biking, and generally exercising until exhaustion.

  • Mark MacLeod

    Mark MacLeod

    SurePath Capital

    Mark is a serial startup CFO and operator, turned investor, turned operator again. He has been CFO for market-leading SaaS players such as FreshBooks and Shopify and has led investments in prominent startups such as Unbounce and Frank & Oak.


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