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Dr. Hilary Fritsch grew up in Michigan, graduated from college in Colorado and then went on to graduate from dental school at the nationally respected Temple University School of Dentistry in 2006. Temple is known for providing students with high volumes of hands on experience, and is very well respected in the dental community. She went on to practice in the Boston area for four years while her husband was doing his anesthesia residency and fellowship at one of the Harvard hospitals. After having their first child, Dr. Fritsch and her husband moved to Carmel, where she practiced for over three years as an independent contractor before opening her own practice. Dr. Fritsch decided that she had something unique to offer patients, and has been working hard to make Carmel Family Dental a place where something different and better is happening. She spends a lot of time on continuing education and is a big follower of the SPEAR Institute in Scottsdale. She also values creating a team of of specialists and dentists that can work cooperatively to achieve more for patients. She understands the connection between oral health and complete body health. Dr. Fritsch and her husband have two children, a bernese mountain dog, chickens and two cats. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her family hiking or at the beach or pool. Dr. Fritsch decided that if she is going to be away from her family and pouring her time and energy into work, then is better be for something extraordinary; something she can really be proud of. She also wants to work in an environment that is comfortable and esthetic. This means Carmel Family Dental is a comfortable environment for everyone. But, most importantly, Dr. Fritsch knows the importance of building a team that all have that same vision and want to take their time to provide you with customized, ultra attentive care.