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We're making the world a healthier place.

We stick to our mission

Founded in 2012, Opencare’s vision is to change the way patients and health providers interact. We are currently laser focused on creating an amazing experience for patients to find the right health provider, and to bring them together using a streamlined appointment booking platform.

We see this as a gateway to simplifying all interactions between patients and providers; ultimately making health care more personable, approachable and accessible.

The team behind it all

  • Nikolai Bratkovski

    Nikolai Bratkovski


    Nikolai has founded and exited three companies, including SIMMS - a medical imaging SaaS company that served 2 million patients a year. Nikolai is also a quantified-self junkie who is often seen sporting multiple wearable devices.

  • Cameron Howieson

    Cameron Howieson


    Cam is a seasoned entrepreneur who sold his first company at the age of 24. He has experience leading teams to build products used by millions of people. Outside of work, you can find him playing guitar or travelling the globe.

  • Jian Yang

    Jian Yang

    Head of Finance

    Jian has a passion for entrepreneurship, now on his third start-up. As CFO/head of finance at Industrious and UGE as well as stops at Deloitte and Citi, he has a wealth of financial and strategic experience. In his spare time, you'll have to try hard to pin down where in the world he is traveling or scuba diving.

  • Leo Tamburri

    Leo Tamburri

    Creative Director

    Leo is a visual problem-solver who has worn many hats over his career. As Creative Director he brings over 15 years of experience to Opencare. His years spent at G Adventures and Financeit were spent developing and managing their respective brands, all the while gaining valuable strategic expertise. When he isn't thinking about brand development, Leo can be found behind the 1's and 2's, mixing it up or in the kitchen cooking up a gourmet feast for friends and family.

  • Megan MacQuarrie

    Megan MacQuarrie

    People Ops Manager

    Previously head of operations for a medical research startup, Megan has a passion for growing companies by helping others to focus on what they love. At Opencare, she applies her skills towards building company culture, automating processes, and driving employee growth. An avid reader and recent podcast convert, Megan can be found discussing the latest on psychology & culture over brunch.

  • Lydia Burnside-Hughes

    Lydia Burnside-Hughes

    Office Manager

    Lydia is our Office Manager! A jack of all trades with experience in a range of industries, from law firms to retail. Having landed in the Toronto start-up scene in 2018 after relocating from England, Lydia is now focused on maintaining a happy, healthy and productive team at Opencare. Along with keeping the office functioning on a day-to-day basis, Lydia is passionate about facilitating ongoing learning and development and championing awareness of mental health in the workplace. Outside of work you’ll find Lydia exploring the vintage stores and cocktail bars of Toronto, or planning her next vacation to Walt Disney World!

  • Alice Lan

    Alice Lan

    Engagement Manager

    Alice enjoys driving impact by solving novel problems. She brings her management consulting experience to Opencare to supercharge the effectiveness of others. Outside of work, you can find her playing on an intramural sports team, cooking, or booking her next trip.

  • Katie Hayes

    Katie Hayes

    Business Strategy Lead

    Katie loves using creative thinking and business insights to develop and implement new ideas for businesses. Prior to joining Opencare, Katie worked in healthcare finance as an investment banker and a private equity investor. She is a Toronto native and is excited to be back home after living in New York, Chicago, Stockholm, and Northern California. In her spare time, Katie loves to ski and golf.

  • Mike Bettley

    Mike Bettley

    Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager

    Mike is driven by finding an answer to the eternal question of how to find the best people in the world and finding them meaningful work. Taking learnings from Product, Sales, Marketing and Engineering, he perpetually challenges assumptions to reinvent. After all of this he needs a beer, and can usually be found at a craft brewery or on the rugby pitch on weekends.

  • Charlotte Harris

    Charlotte Harris

    Talent Sourcer

    Charlotte believes that people are an organization’s most valuable asset, and is obsessed with uncovering incredible talent to solve business problems. She has experience in identifying and engaging with top talent across multiple industries and functions. When she is not being a professional internet sleuth, Charlotte can be found dog spotting in the park, in dance class, or hopping on a plane towards her next adventure.

  • Ian Milligan

    Ian Milligan

    Group Product Manager

    Ian has built products at everywhere from startups to Fortune-500 companies. He has a passion for helping customers by understanding their needs and translating them into great new products and features. Outside of work you might find Ian enjoying a board game with friends – if you can't find him, he's off running, hiking or camping off-the-grid.

  • Amina Tariq

    Amina Tariq

    Product Manager

    Amina loves analyzing product data to figure out which processes should be automated and which features should be built to provide the best experience to Opencare users. In her free time, Amina enjoys daydreaming, competing in hackathons and hunting for hidden gem restaurants in the city.

  • Ronen Ackerman

    Ronen Ackerman

    Product Manager

    Ronen loves to toe the line between engineering and design. He's obsessed with writing elegant and maintainable code that never compromises on user experience. When he's not pondering CSS strategy, Ronen is making electronic music.

  • Paul Feltoe

    Paul Feltoe

    Senior Product Designer

    Paul is an experienced product designer with years of startup experience, but don’t call him an artist. When he’s not busy building solutions to help his customers, he can be found indulging in his fantasy football addiction.

  • Eliza Vorobieva

    Eliza Vorobieva

    Product Designer

    Eliza comes from a diverse background having worked as a Software Engineer, Product Manager, and Product Designer, from a small startup to a Fortune 500 corporation. She’s passionate about building intuitive products that solve problems and make people’s lives easier. When not working, you can find her at a dance class, hiding away from the city bustle on a hiking trail, or planning for her next trip.

  • David Connolly

    David Connolly

    Engineering Manager

    Dave has a passion for mapping real world business problems to technical solutions. He is a polyglot with a background in product management and engineering across multiple industries. Outside of work, Dave enjoys flying airplanes, rock climbing, and cycling.

  • Vadim Zverugo

    Vadim Zverugo

    Software Engineer

    A full stack developer with a passion for bringing ideas to life through code. Vadim loves clean, scalable, structured code and avoids unnecessary complexity. His hobbies include photography and psychology.

  • Hilal Dib

    Hilal Dib

    Software Engineer

    Hilal is a full stack developer passionate about leveraging technology to make people's lives better. He enjoys writing clean, well architected code and is a big proponent of test driven development. When he's not working with tech, you can find him on the soccer pitch or at a Raptors game.

  • Emma Koza

    Emma Koza

    Software Engineer

    Emma is a front-end developer with a passion for usability and inclusion; she believes that everyone should be able to enjoy using every device, app and website and strives to make tech that is accessible to all. When she’s not working Emma enjoys going to see bands play (her number one favourite is Toronto based Born Ruffians) and scrolling through the various dog accounts she follows on Instagram.

  • Scott Fuller

    Scott Fuller

    Software Engineer

    Scott is a front-end developer with a background in product management. He loves creating intuitive user experiences that never compromise on functionality or design. When he's not behind his computer you'll most likely find him on his bike or eating his way through the city.

  • Shahid Mawji

    Shahid Mawji

    Software Engineer

    Shahid is a full stack developer with a product focus. He has a background in prototyping and loves creating solutions to solve user problems. In his free time he enjoys powerlifting, drinking tea and cooking.

  • Jameel Jiwani

    Jameel Jiwani

    Engineering Intern

  • James Kan

    James Kan

    Engineering Intern

  • Evelyn Wainewright

    Evelyn Wainwright

    Data Science Manager

    Evelyn lives for helping start-ups make better decisions using data. She uses her experience in high-growth data science and marketing roles to improve products, marketing strategies, customer experiences, and operations. When not looking through multiple query results at the same time, Evelyn can be found traveling, experimenting with new cuisines to cook, and filling her tiny condo with wool for spinning, weaving, and crocheting.

  • Dylan Tittel

    Dylan Tittel

    Data Engineer

    Dylan is an full stack engineer with a background in growth, analytics, and product management. He focuses on tying together business goals, and engineering to build user-focused products. In his free time Dylan helps to run an EDM promotion company, and playing video games.

  • Peter Sum

    Peter Sum

    Growth Manager

    Peter loves to understand what makes a business tick. His past experience includes e-commerce and mobile gaming, where he has helped to grow young startups into multimillion dollar businesses. On the weekends, you can find him playing the two best sports: basketball and chess.

  • Dan Gray

    Dan Gray

    Growth Manager

    Dan is a data-driven Growth Marketer that enjoys solving complex problems using data to uncover key consumer insights. For fun, Dan enjoys going to Blue Jays games, watching TV & movies and reading about the latest trends in technology.

  • Simon Mills

    Simon Mills

    Paid Acquisition Specialist

    Simon is passionate about all things tech and marketing, with experience in a variety of industries including ed tech, enterprise SaaS and fintech. He loves taking on new challenges and is always looking for ways optimize and grow existing campaigns and processes. Outside of work, you can usually find him in the pool playing water polo, planning a tech meetup or on Twitter.

  • June Wang

    June Wang

    Growth Marketer

    June is a data-driven growth marketer and a logical & analytical thinker. She is constantly refining her goal; testing and learning to do better. She has worked at a digital agency and at Facebook - both of which have shaped her values and working style. Besides work, she loves playing video games and watching sci-fi movies and dramas.

  • Quintin Au

    Quintin Au

    Growth Marketer

    Formerly from CPG & retail, Quintin is a brand marketer by trade, but an astronaut at heart. He has a deep desire to automate everything possible to make more time for 1pm tea talks about machine learning. When not crunching data, you’ll find him plotting weekend getaways or playing frisbee in the office.

  • Mickey Zheng

    Mickey Zheng

    Manager of Sales

    Mickey loves to solve problems with out-of-the-box solutions. Oh wait - there are no boxes in life, just doors waiting to be opened. Nothing makes him happier than meeting new people and creating a positive impact on their life. Find him on the weekend exploring foreign cities, trying new foods, or practicing Vince Carter dunks at your local YMCA.

  • Natalie Koay

    Natalie Koay

    Sales Ops Manager

    Natalie loves connecting with people. Obsessed with problem-solving and knocking down targets, she is passionate about helping others in and out of the workplace. Outside of work, Natalie spends her time listening to true crime podcasts, catching up with her favourite blogs, and running with the Toronto running community.

  • Kory Zayne

    Kory Zayne

    Account Executive

    Kory is extremely curious and addicted to learning. One of his favourite pastimes is having the opportunity to meet and learn about new people and their paths. Kory is a huge fan of basketball, racquet sports, cycling, eating, travelling and he’s been to over 30 countries.

  • Miriam Auer

    Miriam Auer

    Account Executive

    Miriam is a relationship creator who loves helping others solve problems and succeed. She approaches everything she does with a no-nonsense, honest attitude that derives from her Austrian heritage. When she is not taking care of business you will find her baking delicious cakes and making the best Schnitzel in town (ask her for her bundt cake recipe). She is also passionate about fitness, travel and fluffy cats.

  • Mike Kiekebelt

    Mike Kiekebelt

    Account Executive

    Mike is passionate about meeting and relating with new people. He strives to optimize workplace efficiencies, as well as enhance professional and personal strategies. Beyond work, you can find Mike exercising, staying up to date on world events, and stressing about fantasy sports.

  • Salma Abou-Aly

    Salma Abou-Aly

    Account Executive

    Salma comes from a technical background in Geophysics. She is extremely goal orientated with a great passion for problem solving. She enjoys meeting new people and loves finding ways to adapt to new environments. Although she is always up for trying something new, her main interests include travelling, sports, and the great outdoors!

  • Lauren Foster

    Lauren Foster

    Marketplace Ops Manager

    Lauren loves tackling user problems and optimizing their experience through product and process improvements. She enjoys being on the front line dealing with customers and is passionate about strategizing and discussing every aspect of their journey. In her free time, you can find Lauren planning trips she’s not going on, or daydreaming about a dog she doesn’t own yet.

  • Mieka Loepp

    Mieka Loepp

    Support Ops Manager

    Mieka loves to use data and understanding to grow together in a meaningful way. No idea is too ‘out there’ and she is passionate about having a solid grasp of both the problem and desired outcome in order to work together to find the best solution. Outside of work, she can be found hanging out with dogs, baking and cooking up a storm, or dreaming of her next travel adventure.

  • Taniya Ahmad

    Taniya Ahmad

    C.S. Manager

    Taniya is fuelled by her desire to help people. She thrives off of building meaningful relationships with customers and helping them solve their biggest business challenges. Known for going above and beyond, she is often described as being “customer obsessed.“ When she’s not busy helping customers, Taniya can be found eating her way through Toronto’s restaurants and procrastinating going to the gym.

  • Karin Comas

    Karin Comas

    C.S. Manager

    Karin is a data-driven problem solver. She enjoys building deep relationships with her customers and working as their business partner to help them achieve their goals. Using her data chops, she's able to derive insights from data and turn them into impactful changes for her clients. Outside of work, you'll spot Karin walking her crazy Jack Russell Terrier or salsa dancing the night away.

  • Alex Locke

    Alex Locke

    C.S. Manager

    Alex is passionate about helping others and building strong lasting relationships. She is patient to understand your needs, known to ask all the right questions, and always ensures you are set up for success! Outside of work you can find her at the cottage, planning her next trip, or eating the free samples at Costco.

  • Stephanie Nitsos

    Stephanie Nitsos

    C.S. Manager

    Stephanie is a Customer Success Manager at Opencare. Her background is within the SaaS space where she has experience managing client relationships, in addition to building out custom product training curriculums to drive success for her customers. She works to advocate for the needs of her clients with creative solutions and is passionate in her desire to build meaningful, lasting relationships. Stephanie loves a good book, a good cup of coffee and great company!

  • Tom McCormack

    Tom McCormack

    Enablement Manager

    A new Canadian, Tom brings 5+ years experience working with the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK. He particularly enjoys engaging with clients/stakeholders to build strong relationships and enact meaningful change, always with the patient in mind. Away from work, Tom enjoys travelling, exploring his new city and country, and spends most of his weekends outdoors with his dog, Wallace.

  • Amanda Miller

    Amanda Miller

    C.S. Representative

    As a Customer Success Rep, Amanda uses her top-notch communication skills to help healthcare providers accept more patients through Opencare. During the winter, Amanda enjoys figure skating and during the summer she never misses a baseball game.

  • Jonathan Swanson

    Jonathan Swanson


    Jonathan has built and manages Thumbtack's global operations team, where he became an expert in growing and operating successful marketplaces. He loves trail running, biking, and generally exercising until exhaustion.

  • Mark MacLeod

    Mark MacLeod

    SurePath Capital

    Mark is a serial startup CFO and operator, turned investor, turned operator again. He has been CFO for market-leading SaaS players such as FreshBooks and Shopify and has led investments in prominent startups such as Unbounce and Frank & Oak.


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