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7550 South Red Road, Suite 116, South Miami, Florida

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Let us help you find the perfect acupuncturist


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What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

What sets us apart from other acupuncturists is that we tailor the treatments based on the constitution of the individual by their Chinese pulses and Color-Sound-Odor-Emotion (CSOE). The art is based on the Law of the five Elements which is the representation of nature. Everyone is affected by changes in nature differently, for example: Seasonal allergies. We gently, assist the body to come into balance on its own and help in the transition from season to season in health. Our goal is for the body to heal itself. Other acupuncturists use formula treatments, meaning everyone who walks in with low back pain receives the same, or similar treatment or points. We believe that energy is very sacred; we choose and locate our points with precision in order to accomplish balance. During treatment we read the Chinese pulses which indicate to us what the body's needs are, since they often change after just one point. Unlike other practices who sometimes see several patients at the same time, we work on an appointment basis giving our undivided attention to each patient.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

Since Classical Five Element Acupuncture treats the person at the level of their constitution and not just based on the symptoms we need to take the time to meet the patient and begin an evaluation, in order to determine if the patient is a candidate for acupuncture. This is done through the Chinese pulses in order to determine if the patient is a candidate for acupuncture. This session will not include an acupuncture treatment, but a one on one interview with the acupuncture physician who will answer questions, and layout the frequency of treatments needed depending on each individual case.

Providers at this location

Elena C. Ochoa
Gladys Fernandez
Raisa Lockhart
Dr. Luis Garrigo, DMD
7550 South Red Road, Suite 220
South Miami, Florida
Dr. Mario K. Garcia, DDS
6641 South Dixie Highway, Suite A
Miami, Florida
Balmir-Thevenin & Associates D.D.S., P.A.,
10621 North Kendall Drive, # 102
Pinecrest, Florida
Miami Smile Dental-Serge Papiernik, D.D.S., P.A.
9350 South Dixie Highway, Suite 920
Miami, Florida
9507 S Dixie Hwy
Pinecrest, Florida
Maribel Carbia DMD
4100 Salzedo Street, Suite 20
Coral Gables, Florida
Dr. Georgina Merlo-Quiñones Practice
7875 Southwest 104th Street, Suite #104
Miami, Florida
Dr. Victor R. Gutierrez, DMD
7190 Southwest 87th Avenue, Suite 206
Miami, Florida