How to stop grinding your teeth (bruxism)

Stop grinding teeth: bruxism

Bruxism is the medical term for grinding your teeth. And while lots of us do it occasionally, doing so regularly can cause serious dental problems. Bruxism can occur in one of two way: nocturnal (while you’re asleep) or awake (when you’re doing it subconsciously throughout your day. But how to stop doing it? Going to […]

Intro guide to social media for dentists: Where to start

social media for dentists

Today, offline and word-of-mouth marketing aren’t enough to grow your client base. Marketing practices have changed and social media has been a major driving force behind that. 36% of Americans have searched for a dentist through social media. 44% of them were happy to establish contact with dentists through social media. Dentists, like all professions, […]