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Nobody likes it when their teeth are no longer white. You don’t look as good and you don’t feel as good. One study reports that at least 9.8% of us will experience a significant level of tooth discoloration.

Prevention is key to helping keep teeth white – especially around what you eat and especially what you drink. There are several beverages that stain teeth. By lowering your intake of them, you may better your chances of keeping your smile as white as can be.  

1. Tea

Tea is considered an exceptionally healthy drink. It contains antioxidants that help the body fight against free radicals, and it helps with digestion. Unfortunately, it’s also a drink that may stain teeth because of the tannins it contains. Some tea brews cause more staining than others, such as black tea. White tea may cause the enamel of a tooth to wear away. When this happens, a patient may notice stains start to appear more visible. 

2. Coffee

Coffee is great at waking you up, but unfortunately, it’s another culprit when it comes to the discoloration of teeth. People who drink coffee generally tend to have a more significant level of staining on their teeth. Similar to tea, coffee also contains tannins, the main reason it causes tooth stains.

3. Red wine

Some studies show red wine is good for a person’s general wellbeing. However, it’s also a known problem when it comes to staining your teeth. Red wine contains natural dyes, tannins, and a number of acids. Even though these are natural, they can still affect the color of teeth. In the short term, the wine causes a reddish color to appear on teeth. Over time, teeth may develop staining that appears brownish. 

4. White wine

Many people turn to white wine after they discover red causes staining on their teeth. The problem is that white wine can have similar effects. While it may not leave a purplish mark on teeth, the acids can reduce the enamel layer that coats your teeth. When this happens, the tooth is more likely to become stained by everyday food and drinks. 

5. Soda

Another drink to look out for is soda. The chromogens in cola can cause teeth to start turning yellow over time. The acidic content in sodas with a lemon or lime flavor can also cause the enamel on a tooth to wear away. These all lead to increased staining. 

How can I get whiter teeth?

There are lots of options to get whiter teeth. Some toothpaste products contain special formulas that help create a reduction in stains, but their efficacy is limited. 

A hydrogen-peroxide mixture may sometimes provide effective results. But it’s important to pay attention to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. One study explains that hydrogen peroxide does offer an effective method for whitening teeth while also being a safe option to consider. 

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You might also opt for professional treatment. When a dentist performs a whitening procedure, fewer risks are involved. The results will also be more noticeable following professional whitening treatments. 

Whatever your options may be, you should probably check with a dentist first. He or she can provide a thorough analysis of the current problem and offer recommendations on the best possible treatment option. 

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