Do you feel pain when you go to the dentist? That’s not normal. Here’s why.

Dental appointments nowadays should not be painful. Sure, you may feel discomfort, especially if the procedure is a tooth extraction, but it should not be painful. Freezing and sedation are common uses for all procedures. In addition to these two, dentist’s tools have evolved and improved dramatically in the last few years. For example, let’s look at how hygienists remove plaque a few years ago compared to today. Before, hygienists used a hook to scrape off plaque. I’m sure you can imagine just how uncomfortable it is to have a sharp object in your mouth. However, today, hygienists constantly spray your teeth with water and slowly removes the plaque with vibrations, so the plaque will just fall off naturally.

Additionally, many dentists have upgraded the furnishings in their office to make their patients more comfortable. Imagine this…you are sitting on a massage chair that is rubbing and kneading your back, while you are watching the latest episode of “House of Cards” on a ceiling-mounted TV with noise-cancelling headphones. That mental picture is reality. More and more dentists are offering these features for extra comfort for their patients.

So, if you do feel pain every time you go to a dentist, think again. There are better solutions out there.


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