Are you collecting as much as you’re owed on claims?

Are you collecting what you're owed on claims?

As a hard-working dental professional, you want to get paid what you’re worth, right? Unfortunately, many dentists are not collecting as much as they are owed on their dental claims. If you’re one of them, that means you’re missing out on thousands of dollars each month. So how do you find out if you’re collecting […]

How to optimize your office manager’s time

maximize your office manager's time

Every dental practice staff member knows the true lynchpin of the operation is the office manager.  This multi-skilled superstar must keep on top of the day-to-day running of the business, manage a team of disparate individuals, keep stock levels up to date, check insurance claims are being pursued in a timely manner and keep an […]

8 reports you need to keep a pulse on your practice’s accounts receivable

Track AR reports for your practice

Getting and analyzing reports for dental practice accounts receivable is crucial to understanding the health of your practice. Medical billing reports are vital and arguably serve as the lifeblood of the practice’s cash flow.  Let’s look at the 7 reports for dental practice AR that’ll help you understand the health of your practice. 1) Patient […]

8 dental billing and coding tips to save you time (and money!)

As a dentist, you want to focus on providing excellent service to your patients, but you may find yourself neglecting certain administrative duties. That can lead you to leaving money on the table.  Dental billing is a critical part of your practice. When you can’t effectively bill clients and collect payments, you’re not making money. […]