How to calm your anxiety about going to the dentist

How to calm dentist visit anxiety

Do you feel nervous about going to the dentist? Does your anxiety cause you to delay regular check-ups? Anxiety associated with dental visits can stem from a fear of pain, fear of drills, or the possibility of embarrassment over poor dental hygiene. This nervousness, however, is completely normal! Studies have stated that 36% of the population suffers […]

Does charcoal toothpaste really work?

does charcoal toothpaste work

Charcoal is a huge trend right now in the beauty, health and wellness, and even food industries. (Hello, charcoal ice cream!) Activated charcoal is finely ground product derived from various natural substances, including wood and coconut shells. It’s oxidized under extreme heat to achieve its composition. In the dental industry, charcoal toothpaste has emerged as […]

Let’s talk about snoring and sleep apnea

Sleep apnea and snoring: how to treat it

Proper sleep and breathing is on the forefront of medical research. While there is much more to learn, it is now widely accepted that there are many important biological processes that occur during healthy sleep, such as:

Dark spots on lips: 13 causes, home remedies, and treatments

Causes and treatments for dark spots on the lip

Have you ever noticed something on your lip that you swear wasn’t there yesterday? A dark spot on your lip can be concerning and might even make you feel a bit self-conscious. Here are thirteen potential causes of dark spots on the lips.  What causes black spots on the lips?  Various factors can cause black […]

How is oral health connected to overall wellness?


Do you ever put off going to the dentist because you don’t think maintaining your oral health is that important?  You may be surprised at the close connection between oral health and overall health and wellness. It is common knowledge that visiting the dentist regularly and keeping your oral health in check is necessary to […]

9 dental hygiene tips for a healthy smile

healthy smile dental hygiene

Here are 9 crucial dental hygiene tips for a healthier smile. Good dental hygiene is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. A proper oral hygiene routine doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated. Takes these steps towards the healthy and bright smile you have always wanted.