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Northeast Chiropractic Center

Let us help you find the perfect chiropractor


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What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

Dr. George DeMaertelaere and Jenn Lynch, LMT combine over 42 years of experience. We both have an integrative approach to the body as a whole and work best together combining a healthy balance to both your skeletal and muscularge systems minimizing pain and optimizing your quality of life. George is not only a tremendous chiropractic doctor but an expert in his own right with providing nutrional supplement counseling complete with support and the best quality products. Jenn is a leader in the area of structural/functional bodywork and uses stretching and strengthening to achieve healthy muscles! Pregnant...no problem!!! Dr George and Jenn are both fully trained in healthy safe practices where you and your baby are concerned. Kids and elders....always welcome!! We encourage healthy spines and muscle care early on as prevention and try to make the later years as comfortable as we can!!! We believe in educating and restructuring a new you!!! We will work with you, for you, and back up what we say behind years of hands on experience.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

We have no fancy new equipment and we are not copy written . We are both genuinely caring Healthcare providers that truly care about your health!!! A healthy patient is a happy patient!

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