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Dr. Stangel utilizes Functional Neurology in the evaluation and treatment of his patients. Although trained in standard neurology, which focuses more on the disease processes of the nervous system, Functional Neurologists are trained to look at how the human nervous system works not only in each of its individual parts, but as a complete functioning system. The importance of this training is that most of our bodily functions are governed by the human nervous system. The human nervous system is the common denominator in nearly all health related problems which means that this vital system is required to function at an optimal level in order for us to have optimal health. Many of these health problems do not always fall into a strict category of neurological problems but have components to them that require neurological intervention. Many of these conditions are listed on our website, www.neurochatt.com or you may email Dr. Stangel at drtom@neurochatt.com for more information.

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