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Columbus, Ohio
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Dr. Paul D. Valenti has been working in the Columbus area since 2002. As a chiropractor, Dr. Paul strongly believes that the force that made the body can also heal the body if allowed to do so without complications and/or restrictions. He enjoys meeting people who are dealing with spinal health challenges, finding the source of the problem and then working together with his patients to find a long term solution without the use of invasive drugs or surgery. He has worked with patients in all walks of life and all age ranges, with his youngest patient being 2 weeks old and his oldest patient at 95 years of age, illustrating how diverse and effective chiropractic is for anyone with a spine! Dr. Paul grew up in Southern California and obtained his undergraduate training and education from Pacific Union College and California State University before completing his chiropractic course of studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1993. In his spare time, Dr. Paul enjoys participating in many outdoor sports activities including jet skiing, softball, volleyball, football, water skiing, boating and camping. He also enjoys live music concerts and has had the priviledge of working with many of of the top musical acts that have come through Ohio, including Aerosmith, Metallica, Foreigner, Dave Matthews Band, American Idol, Chicago, Blue Man Group, Limp Bizkit, Rob Thomas, Gotye, Led Zepplin, Cheap Trick, Bad Company, Dancing with the Stars, Motley Crue, Loolapalooza and many others.