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Redlands Chiropractic & Wellness Center

2148 Broadway, Suite C3, Grand Junction, CO 81507
Dr. Ron's approach includes: Gonstead: Specific adjustment method used to restore proper function and movement of the spine. Diversified: High speed / low amplitude technique used to restore proper function and movement of the spine. Thompson / Pierce: Specific adjustment method that uses the tables with drop parts to achieve low speed / specific correction. Activator: Gentle and easy adjustment using an instrument that provides a quick and...

Spine & Injury Center of Grand Junction

2646 Patterson Road, Suite A, Grand Junction, CO 81506

Applied Chiropractic Health Center PC

2472 Patterson Road, Suite 7, Grand Junction, CO 81505
Dr. Foote has been refining his skills and knowledge for over 30 years. He says treatment schedules are a fraud and in his office, knowledge and home exercises take the place of long treatment schedules. Most common problems are resolved in a few treatments. On your first visit you will understand why a complete evaluation, solid treatment plan and a working partnership with patients make all the difference. We understanding how the body...

Abundant Health Llc

731 Bookcliff Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501