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Dr. Ron Engler


Dr. Ron's approach includes: Gonstead: Specific adjustment method used to restore proper function and movement of the spine. Diversified: High speed / low amplitude technique used to restore proper function and movement of the spine. Thompson / Pierce: Specific adjustment method that uses the tables with drop parts to achieve low speed / specific correction. Activator: Gentle and easy adjustment using an instrument that provides a quick and effective stimulation of the nervous system. Toggle Recoil: Gentle and specific treatment of the upper neck MyoFascial Release (MFR): Gentle, steady pressure into points of constriction and tension. Trigger Point Therapy: Painful application of force into the muscle to immediately lengthen a spastic or hyper chronically tight muscle. Extremity Adjustment: Easy correction of joints other than the spine: shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles. Nerve Stretching: i.e. the Median nerve can be stretched and often carpal tunnel surgery becomes unnecessary. Enzyme Nutrition and Therapy: Loomis Institute Enzyme evaluation techniques, a system based on 100 years of research beginning with the world-renowned Dr. Howell, M.D. Dr. Loomis was the first practitioner to ever formulate enzymes into capsules. Muscle Testing of supplements. Personally developed massage techniques

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