Find the top-rated chiropractors in Phoenix

Imagine Wellness Chiropractic Center

822 E Union Hills Dr, Suite 22, Phoenix, AZ 85024
Imagine Wellness Chiropractic Center has Phoenix AZ chiropractors that provides spinal corrections using the most advanced chiropractic techniques for those seeking optimal results. They boast of the newer correction methods being the most effective than ever before according to Dr. Roxane Zamora. She believes that trauma, thoughts and toxins were the causes of misalignment of the vertebrae that affects us.

Wellness In Motion, Inc.

15414 North 7th Street, E-109, Phoenix, AZ 85022
Wellness In Motion was founded by Dr. Nicholas Field Warner who is a chiropractor in Phoenix. As a Phoenix chiropractic practitioner, he has been serving his patients with treatments that help tackle sciatic nerve, arthritis, stiff neck, back spasms, and a lot more. Aside from specialized treatments, they are also keen on providing quality services at affordable rates for individuals and families alike.

Back To Health Chiropractic

42104 North Venture Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85086
At Back To Health Chiropractic, they serve all age group from newborns to seniors and are a place for families looking to receive safe solutions for their health care issues. Leading chiropractors in Phoenix, Dr. Brian Hester and Dr. Benjamin Hunt, have been working hand in hand to provide the community the aid in quest for health and happiness. Common ailments that they treat include sciatica, back injuries and neck stiffness.

Soloman Chiropractic, Llc

1130 E Missouri Ave, suite #402, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Soloman Chiropractic, Llc is headed by Dr. Michael David Soloman, a Phoenix chiropractor that offers gentle, effective chiropractic care for all neuromusculoskeletal complaints. Considered as one of the go-to clinics and housing one of the leading chiropractors in Phoenix AZ, this center promotes individualized, well-rounded care for all cases. Services provided include but are not limited to, lower back exercises and other rehab exercises.

Kerch Chiropractic PLC

10221 North 32nd Street, Suite L, Phoenix, AZ 85028
Kerch Chiropractic PLC is a family practice home to some of the most outstanding chiropractors Phoenix AZ has today. With extensive years in service, this wellness center has established its mark as a premier provider of exceptional chiropractic services for a wide array of physical dysfunctions such as pinched nerve in the back or neck, acute or chronic neck/back pain, whiplash, scoliosis, and many other nervous and musculoskeletal impairments.

Chiropractic Rehab & Neurology Center

2525 W Carefree Hwy, Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85085
Specializing in cervical rehabilitation and lumbar decompression, Chiropractic Rehab & Neurology Center is the North Phoenix chiropractic clinic of choice for conditions affecting the spine and nervous system. Through an in-depth spinal consultation, its clinician is able to bring out the root cause of pain-causing conditions and thus provide a chiro correction plan to target the overall eradication of the symptoms and the dysfunction.


1000 East Camelback Road, Suite 1, Phoenix, AZ 85014-3225
Phoenix chiropractor, John Casalino, strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction. Dr. John blends new technology and the tried and true experience of real practice. In this chiropractic Phoenix office is another Casalino, Dr. Mark, who uses highly effective low force techniques to adjust the spine and extremities. Both served a position in the Arizona Association of Chiropractic.


13615 N 35th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85029-1243
The prestigious Kimel family of health professionals opened Kimel Chiropractic Center for their commitment to bring better health and a better way of life to their patients. These Phoenix chiropractors apply the finest quality care through the use of modern chiropractic equipment and techniques. They'd be more than please to teach you chiropractic wellness. Whether you're looking for lower back exercises or scoliosis treatment, they can help.

Phoenician Health Group

3244 East Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ 85018
Leading chiropractors in Phoenix, Majera Majidi and Ryan Schultze, and staff are trained in the latest chiropractic treatments and technologies available to guide patients on the road to better health and fitness. Their practice is a prelude for excellence through superior chiropractic treatment, education and guaranteed satisfaction. Common ailments include back spasms, general back problems, and arthritis.

The Joint Foothils

4910 East Ray Road, Suite #G9, Phoenix, AZ 85044
Said to be the best chiropractor in Phoenix, Dr. William Beatty pride himself of The Joint Foothills delivering one of a kind and premium quality assistance to people who looks forward to attaining change in their unbearable sufferings. According to Dr. Beatty, most common cause of functional disability is in the spine. He highly recommend spinal decompression therapy as the most preventative approach of chiropractic care.

AZ Spine Disc and Sport

4530 E Ray Rd, Suite 110, Phoenix, AZ 85044
AZ Spine Disc and Sport is a Phoenix chiropractic center that offers services for all sports-related injuries and other pain afflictions caused by strenuous activities. Specializing in sports medicine and pain management, this clinic provides well-studied techniques in chiropractic in Phoenix AZ. This clinic offers lower back exercises, back pain treatments, and other rehabilitation exercises, especially for active individuals.

Dodie Chiropractic

3920 East Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ 85018
This clinic is owned by a Phoenix chiropractor. His North Phoenix chiropractic clinic provides high-quality treatment in a relaxed and friendly environment enhancing patient health so that pain is not a distraction from enjoying life. It prides itself with the number of positive reviews from its many satisfied patients. They practice chiropractic with commitment aiming to treat the underlying issue and not just the resulting symptom.

Pinnacle Peak Chiropractic

23425 North 39th Drive, Suite 103, Phoenix, AZ 85310
Pinnacle Peak Chiropractic is a chiropractor in Phoenix specializing in back pain. The chiropractic treatment includes ultrasound, electric stimulation, and traction. The chiropractic center also offers acupuncture and has a licensed massage therapist. This Phoenix chiropractic has a team of highly qualified professionals ready to assist the clients' needs. Pain is not a joke so it is important to get it checked and treated.

Peter Pinto's Practice

13203 South 48th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85044
Peter Pinto is a Phoenix chiropractor who is committed to providing the highest quality natural healthcare services possible. He uses a unique holistic chiropractor approach in healing that supports the person who has the disease, not the disease a person has. This chiropractor in Phoenix offers an array of services including chiropractic spinal analysis, acupuncture, spinal cord decompression, cold laser therapy, and medical massages.

Glendale Chiropractic Pllc

9971 West Camelback Road, Suite 105, Phoenix, AZ 85037
Among the best chiropractors in Phoenix, Bryan Mack and Justin Ronald Wright from Glendale Chiropractic Pllc have been helping their patients be free from pain and achieve optimum wellness for many years. They treat headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck cracking, and other pain and health issues. These Phoenix chiropractors specialize in manipulation under anesthesia, as well as working with athletes, pregnant women, and children.

B2Y Rehab & Sports Therapy

8910 North Central Avenue, Suite B, Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phoenix Chiropractic office, B2Y Rehab &Sports Therapy, provides personal care and concern along with tried and tested chiropractic methods that make this clinic the best choice for a chiropractic treatment. Phoenix Az chiropractor, Dr. Natasha Williams, specializes in rehabilitation of injured athletes. She combines her proper education and own experience being an athlete herself in determining the biomechanics essential to performance.

Dr Greg Muchnij My Chiropractor Health and Wellness Centers

4550 East Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85032
Dr Greg Muchnij of My Chiropractor Health and Wellness Centers takes on a holistic approach as he treats his patients. With his technique, the patients at his Phoenix chiropractic clinic are guaranteed that as they avail of various chiropractic services, they are treated as a whole and the problems they come to the clinic with are properly addressed by this chiropractor in Phoenix AZ. A systematic approach is also done to assess patients.

Hatlen Family Chiropractic

15433 Tatum Boulevard, Suite 202, Phoenix, AZ 85032
Home to several chiropractors in Phoenix, Halten Family Chiropractic has been specializing in various health and wellness services, particularly those that are common such as arthritis, stiff neck, back spasms, sore neck, and back problems to name a few. This clinic was established by a well-versed Phoenix chiropractor, Dr. Gary Hatlen who takes pride in providing his clients with quality but affordable health care services.

Chiropractic Life, L.L.C.

5150 East Indian School Road, Suite C-162, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Chiropractic Life, L.L.C., a chiropractor in Phoenix provides solutions to relieve patients of certain discomforts or pains. Schedule an appointment at this chiropractic clinic for an assessment of current health issues, and be served with techniques on spinal adjustments, and full body stretchings to help alleviate pain and discomfort. Deemed as one of the best chiropractors in Phoenix, they ensure quality treatment with every procedure.

Renaissance Chiropractic & Bodywork

112 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Renaissance Chiropractic & Bodywork offers chiropractic and wellness services to individuals, on a one-on-one approach to fully handle time and attention everyone deserves. Highly respectable chiropractor in Phoenix AZ, Rebecca Dawn Carlson Bell specializes in back injuries, chiropractic adjustments, sore neck muscles, work injuries and sports injuries. Therapy services include spinal decompression, graston and ART.

Dean Micalizio's Practice

918 West Royal Palm Road, Phoenix, AZ 85021
A remarkable chiropractor in Phoenix, Dr. Dean J. Micalizio has been in practice for 30 years and counting. He centers on natural weight loss, pain relief and rehabilitative care from many causes. Causes include back problems, hip, shoulder, neck stiffness that usually gets the attention of chiropractic adjustment. The practice achieves patient goals for pain relief through a thorough structural correction and therapies.

City Health Services

40 North Central Avenue, Suite 770, Phoenix, AZ 85004
When looking for one of the best chiropractors in Phoenix, go over to the downtown area and look for City Health Services. This clinic's goal is to give clients the best chiro care possible. With an integrated approach, issues are exactly pinpointed from the start, and a thorough assessment of all areas help target the problem area. This clinic takes pride in their effective chiropractic services that have garnered positive reviews from clients.

BackPro Chiropractic

1618 East Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85022-2835
BackPro Chiropractic & Nutrition initially gives a standard yet thorough consultation to detect the condition before any treatments. Examination will follow with orthopedic and neurological screening. Rest assured relief is given same day. Treatments may include hot moist packs with electrical muscle stimulation or chiropractic adjustments. Richard Guarino, licensed chiropractor in Phoenix, utilize simple solutions and special attention.

Richard Bronson's Practice

18631 North 19th Avenue, Suite 152, Phoenix, AZ 85027
Phoenix chiropractor and sports physician, Richard F. Bronson, opened Bronson Chiropractic to provide a gentle approach to healing and pain free living. He specializes in auto injury, auto accident and workman's compensation claims. His clinic uses the latest technology to treat everything from a stiff neck to general spine health. His caring and friendly staff to help provide guaranteed chiropractic services that alleviates pain.

Stires Chiropractic Center

13601 North 19th Avenue, Suite 1, Phoenix, AZ 85029
Phoenix chiropractic clinic, Stires Chiropractic Center provides a range of services from sciatica treatment to back spasms treatment. Phoenix AZ chiropractor, Jeffery B. Stires, offers active release technique, acupuncture, back pain treatment, car injuries treatment, compression socks, custom orthotics, exam and x-rays, graston technique, hip pain treatment, and much more. Along with a licensed massage therapist, this is your one stop shop.

Advanced Back Pain & Injury Center

11030 North Tatum Boulevard, Suite 102, Phoenix, AZ 85028
Patients suffering from aches and discomforts brought about by nervous and musculoskeletal dysfunctions can seek the help of Advanced Back Pain & Injury Center, a wellness studio headed by a chiropractor Phoenix AZ-based patients can rely on. Be it sciatic nerve entrapment, pinched nerve in the neck, or lower back pain, this facility covers patients every step of the way by means of its proven manual therapy and spinal realignment techniques.

Premier Pain Solutions, Llc

2813 East Camelback Road, Suite 430, Phoenix, AZ 85016
A highly recommended Phoenix chiropractic clinic for all neuromusculoskeletal cases, Premier Pain Solutions, Llc offers a diversified range of chiropractic services for all clients who need the service. With a team of the leading and trusted chiropractors Phoenix AZ-based clients can rely on, this clinic takes pride in its state-of-the-art approaches when it comes to chiropractic treatments of back pains or musculoskeletal injuries.