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6 years experience


Laguna Dental and Orthodontics
7517 Cameron Road, suite 106
Austin, Texas
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Dr. Nagori prides himself on his passion and drive for excellence. His treatment goal is not just to make your teeth straight, but also to improve the overall appearance of your lips, chin, and face. He is committed to providing each patient with care that is tailored to their unique needs because every smile is different. When he’s not in the office, Dr. Nagori enjoys playing tennis, participating in various community events, trail running, and biking. He also serves as editor of one of the most prestigious journals and has published served articles in internationally recognized orthodontics journals.

Services Offered 1 Service

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  • Reviewed on November 1st, 2018  •  Verified patient
    Great really understand the pain I was having with my teeth. Very good communicator. Clean office with friendly staff. Easy location to find
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