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Thomas R Lambert DMD
2299 Brodhead Road, Suite E
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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Thomas R. Lambert, DMD, MAGD Master of the Academy of General Dentistry Prompt Efficient Affordable Pain-Free Care 484 935 3637 today! Dr. Lambert graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Biochemistry. After graduating Temple University School of Dentistry in 1986, Dr. Lambert completed a one year General Practice Residency at Lehigh Valley Hospital where he mastered advanced diagnostic, treatment and behavioral techniques in all areas of dentistry. The Lehigh Valley has always been home for Dr. Lambert, practicing as an associate dentist in Easton for one year before establishing his current family practice in Bethlehem, his hometown, in 1988. From his initial entry into dentistry, Dr. Lambert has strived to do his best to provide the exceptional dental care he feels his patients deserve. School Honors: •Graduated top of his class (1 out of 121) •Oral Surgery Honor Society •Endodontic Honor Society •Periodontal Honor Society •Crown and Bridge Honor Society •Alpha Omega Award for Highest Scholastic Standing •Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honorary Dental Society •American Academy of Gold Foil Operators Award •Academy of General Practice Outstanding Senior Student Award Dr. Lambert is constantly attending lecture and hands-on participation continuing education courses in order to bring his patients the latest and best in patient comfort, accurate diagnoses and state-of-the-art technology and techniques. Since 1986 he has clocked more than 2,600 hours of advanced training in various dental disciplines such as: •Dental Implants •Endodontics •Pediatric Dentistry •Infection Control •Reconstructive Dentistry •Restorative Dentistry •Cosmetic Dentistry •Oral Surgery •Tempromandibular (Jaw Joint) and Bite Dysfunction diagnosis and treatment •Local Anesthesia and Pain Management •Nutrition •Oral Pathology •Oral Radiology and Photography •Emergency and Dental Trauma Care •Fixed and Removable Prostheses (dentures, crowns and bridges) •Sports Dentistry •Sleep Apnea •Halitosis/Bad Breath Therapy Dr. Lambert is a participant in PEAK, which is an elite study group comprised of the top dentists from the Pennsylvania Academy of General Dentistry. Many years of advanced study led to a Fellowship in 1996 and a Mastership in the Academy in 2001. Professional dental organizations provide Dr. Lambert with the opportunity to network with other dedicated professionals in the field of dentistry. He is a member in good standing in the following organizations: •Master of the Academy of General Dentistry •American Dental Association •PA Dental Association •Lehigh Valley Dental Society •American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry •Lehigh Valley Hospital – Medical staff of the Department of Dental Medicine •Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Dentistry •Life Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners Dr. Lambert was on the teaching faculty of Northampton Community College Department of Dental Hygiene for ten years. In 2007, he received the Dental Department Teacher of the Year Award from Lehigh Valley Hospital Department of Dental Medicine while volunteering his time in working with general practice residents receiving advanced training in general dentistry. Dr. Lambert and his wife, Brenda, have two daughters who are both currently attending Penn State. They also have an energetic and lovable Italian Greyhound named Blue. Besides his exceptional skills in creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Lambert is also an accomplished musician. He plays clarinet and alto and tenor saxophone with the Easton Municipal Band and The American Legion Band of Bethlehem, as well as The Lehigh Valley Italian-American Band. Dr. Lambert is a huge Penn State fan and returns there every Spring and Homecoming to play with the Blue Band alumni.

Why should patients choose you as their provider instead of others in the area?

Exceptional Care, Outstanding Results When it comes to dental care, you deserve a practice that meets your ever-changing needs. We are a family dental practice that focuses on prevention and on comprehensive treatment. Our goal is to help each patient achieve and then maintain optimal dental health for life. We treat patients of all ages, from children to seniors, providing each person with the focused, individualized attention that we would want to receive ourselves. 10 Reasons You Will Love Our Office CONVENIENCE – We will work hard to ensure that every aspect of your visit from calling our office to completing treatment results in an efficient, comfortable, no hassle, positive experience. CONTROL – We put you in control of treatment at the pace you want to proceed by focusing on prevention, education and affordability of your care. COMFORT – We focus on providing you with soft touch dentistry and will do everything possible to make sure you don’t feel a thing, and because we are a guilt-free office, you’ll never have to be afraid of getting scolded or lectured to by Dr. Lambert and his staff. COMPASSION – Truth be told, we understand how uneasy some patients feel about their dental visits. We care about your well-being and also understand that you may have had past experiences that were not positive. We hope to change that! Our goal is to tailor an individualized experience based on your needs so that you may approach your visit with a greater degree of security and relaxation. COMPETENCE – We have a passion to deliver the highest quality of care that lasts, looks natural and feels great. We work every day to improve the quality and expertise of our care for long-lasting dentistry that fits your needs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to continuing education and learning to stay abreast of new techniques, products, materials and equipment. COST – We provide you with reasonable treatment options realizing everyone’s time and money situation is different. CARING – We care very strongly for our patient’s safety when maintaining strict standards for infection control and sterilization in our office. We follow the current recommendations by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). CAVITY-FREE KIDS PROGRAM – We emphasize helping parents raise cavity-free children. With improved technology, it may be possible to eliminate tooth decay in children. In other words, the sometimes unpleasant dental experiences of your youth do not have to be repeated with your children. CONCERN – We respect your time and will make every effort to see you promptly for your reserved appointment time; and we will complete your treatment efficiently in as few visits as possible. Most important, we will make sure we listen to your concerns, requests and questions in explaining your treatment. COMMITMENT – Your satisfaction is our goal! Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

What are the top 3 treatments that you focus on?

Prevention We offer our patients of all ages a comprehensive dental wellness program so they can continue to have healthy gums and teeth for a lifetime. Re-care or check-up visits We feel that it is extremely important for our patients to receive regular re-care visits. During these regular visits we are able to detect, diagnose and treat problems when they are small before they have a chance to do more costly damage. Why we are different One thing our patients really appreciate is that we tend not to lecture them about taking better care of their teeth and gums. Instead we work with them to establish an oral health routine that fits into their lifestyle. We also provide the education to equip them to make healthy choices regarding their oral health. Tips for Cavity Prevention: •Ensure that fluoride treatments are included with your six (6) month check-ups and cleanings. •Limit frequency of meals and snacks. •Encourage brushing, flossing and rinsing. •Watch what your child drinks. •Avoid giving your child sticky foods. •Make treats part of meals. •Choose nutritious snacks. Ask Dr. Lambert about sealants as a cost effective way to make teeth less susceptible to decay. Comprehensive Conservative Dentistry Tired of spending money on your teeth only to have it all fall apart? Have you given up on ever having strong, good looking and comfortable teeth? Having a healthy smile is easier than you can imagine. With a properly sequenced treatment, there is no reason you can not have the smile of your dreams; one that looks fantastic, feels wonderful and is made to last. The key is to take a comprehensive balanced “whole mouth” approach that takes into account the health of the teeth, gums, and bite, as well as your general health and, finally, your esthetic dental crowns. If any one of these is not covered, or in other words is out of balance, the whole system is at risk of falling apart. Failure to take a comprehensive approach to dental care is the main reason so many people believe that fixing teeth is a hopeless or expensive waste of time. The truth though is that, with careful planning, from the simplest to the most complex of dental problems can be solved resulting in a beautiful smile that is without a doubt one of the best and longest lasting investments you will ever make. And the great part is that “comprehensive” does not have to mean expensive or “extravagant”. In fact, the healthiest thing we can do is the least amount of dental work possible. This approach is what Dr. Lambert calls Comprehensive Conservative Care. It is comprehensive because all of our treatment includes a detailed look at what is needed to maintain your oral health, and it is minimal because we only do what is absolutely necessary to achieve your personal goals. Of course, prevention is the best way to ensure a healthy mouth, so Dr. Lambert places great emphasis on preventative care in his practice. The goal of all treatment is to bring the patient to an optimal state of oral health and functionality that can be maintained for life. Dr. Lambert knows that a true smile, one that lasts a lifetime, is based on a foundation of healthy bone, gums and teeth. For this reason, he always establishes a patient’s initial dental health prior to performing any cosmetic or reconstructive work. Over his many years in practice, Dr. Lambert has found that this process leads to the best long-term results while avoiding painful and ill-timed emergencies, and also leads to the most efficient and cost-effective and economical delivery of your care. Worry Free Care RELAX…You’re in great hands! Does the thought of an upcoming dental visit cause you anxiety? Have you ever avoided dental cleanings or routine dental care due to fear? Apprehension towards dental treatment is a fairly common phobia. Nearly 50% of the population feels nervous or uncomfortable about going to the dentist or having dental procedures done. Dr. Lambert and his team have dedicated themselves to making patients comfortable and at ease during dental exams and procedures. Nothing else matters if you don’t have a caring and understanding team in your favor! We will never make a patient feel embarrassed about their dental needs, and seek to understand and treat patients as special individuals, Dr. Lambert and his staff have many years of experience in caring for the special needs and concerns of our more fearful friends. We will do everything to “tailor” the visit to your needs and concerns – even if it means that “we just sit and talk about your concerns”. In an open and caring atmosphere, patients can be provided pain free dental care knowing they are not being judged or looked down upon because of their anxiety over dentistry. We strive to excel at the technical aspects of dentistry but just as important we strive to care for the patient’s emotional needs. There will be times that just getting through the door for a consultation will be a small victory for some of our patients. We know the importance of that first step and we are committed to providing compassion and starting a relationship built on trust. We take your fear seriously and are dedicated to providing a dental experience that will both improve your dental health and lessen your dental fears. Amalgam-Free Dentistry Many of our patients come to us asking to update their silver fillings. They want their old metal fillings taken out and replaced with tooth colored fillings. Patients commonly cite esthetic and health concerns about their metal fillings. It is true the esthetics of a smile can be greatly enhanced with a more natural, tooth-colored restoration. In addition to this, there are many reasons as to why one may update to a tooth-colored or a resin composite filling. With modern technologies of dental adhesion, resins and state-of-the-art ceramics, the new bonded restorations are close to rivaling nature in strength, wear, function and appearance. With these new materials, it is possible to bond teeth back together, virtually restoring them back to their virgin strength without the invasiveness of full-coverage crowns. In most cases, metal fillings or crowns can be replaced with techniques that are more conservative. It is, therefore, possible to preserve the healthy, remaining tooth structure, rather than shaving it down to a little stump. Bonded tooth-colored restoratives may also be safer than traditional silver fillings, because they don’t contain any mercury. While the American Dental Association (ADA) declares the use of mercury in metal fillings is safe, there’s still a debate in the dental industry regarding the side effects of these amalgam fillings. In Europe, many countries have banned the use of silver amalgam fillings to avoid any risks associated with mercury.

What are you proud of in your practice?

“What I like the most about the office and staff is the clinical excellence of Dr. Lambert and that of his staff, the professional but warm-hearted approach his staff manifests and the clean, neat, organized appearance of his office. I have no hesitation or fear since I have had Dr. Lambert and his capable staff. My past experience with my prior dentist made me feel disappointed and disillusioned with dentists in general. I had repeatedly been disappointed and virtually ignored by them despite having been a loyal client for over 11 years. When I had a dental emergency, my old office could not have been less supportive or concerned about my well-being. Dr. Lambert and his staff are the most remarkable example of what excellence in dental care can be. I am completely satisfied with Dr. Lambert and his equally as capable and caring staff.” – Jean L. “I can’t say enough about how great the ENTIRE staff has been. I immediately got the sense that these people are definitely the cream of the crop. I very much appreciate the explanations of why and how things are being done and the proactive approach to preventing ongoing or new problems. I appreciate the efforts to make the procedures as comfortable as possible. The work that was done is beautiful and I am so thrilled that I made the switch. Thank you so much.” – Cindy C. "From the minute I entered the office I was pleased, relaxed, confident, and appreciative of the beautiful office, great front office receptionist, warm-hearted and proficient hygienist. The team effort, warm environment, exceptionally skilled dentist and staff…. What’s not to like?? The best dental experience of my life is right here, close to home. Absolutely no better dental experience can be had anywhere else!!”

Which cases do you enjoy treating? Why?

Patients for many years have complimented Dr. Lambert on his gentle touch in delivering Novacain; but now you can experience truly pain-free Novacain administration before dental treatment guaranteed to totally numb your teeth. Thanks to technological advances in local anesthetic chemistry, numbing of your teeth or gums is now extremely fast and is also very profound so we can indeed tell you, you won’t feel a thing! And, thanks to another scientific development called OraVerse® which we like to think of as “anti-novacain”, we can reverse the effects of lingering numbness from Novacain so you won’t have to avoid talking, eating or being numb for the rest of the day.

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Dr. Thomas R. Lambert's office is in Bethlehem, PA.

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Dr. Thomas R. Lambert offers Bonding, Braces / Invisalign, Bridges / Dentures and more. Learn more about Dr. Thomas R. Lambert's services on Opencare or book your appointment today.

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