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Let us help you find the perfect dentist


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Hi, I'm Dr. Axelrad. For 25 years I have been practicing family & cosmetic dentistry for Brampton and surrounding areas. I understand that a visit to the dentist isn't something that everyone looks forward to. However, it's my goal and the goal of my team to make your visit to our dental clinic a comfortable and relaxing one. Whether you're a regular patient or this is your first visit, our gentle dental treatments cater to your specific needs with a special focus on comfort and pain-free dental care. From children, to moms & dads, seniors, newcomers to Canada and the handicapped, we are sensitive to the fact that every patient's needs are unique to them. We practice compassionate dentistry, and are especially gentle and slow with patients who might be anxious about their visit. We also use "laughing gas" if our patient's desire it, which helps ease pain sensitivity and relieve stress, making it much easier for the patient. I hear lots of different stories from our patients; that it's been years since they've been to the dentist or had a poor experience with other dentists in the past (I hear this one a lot). What matters most to my team and I is that you are in the office now and it is our job to make sure you are comfortable being there..

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