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50 years experience


Robert J. Malone DDS
910 East Ohio Avenue, Suite 203
Escondido, California
Mon 8:00 am - 5:00 pm  
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A Chicago native, Dr. Malone became a dentist because of his love of serving others and working with his hands. Dentistry provided him with an opportunity to do both, as well as serving as a creative outlet. After graduating from Loyola University Dental School in Chicago in 1970, he was stationed in Austin, where he served in the Air Force for two years. Having often visited California as a child, he relocated to this area in 1973 to establish a private practice and create a home for his family. "I enjoy taking a completely worn-down mouth, worn-down teeth, and reconstructing them so that my patient has an attractive, functional and healthy smile.” A Passion for Aesthetic and Rehabilitative Dentistry For Dr. Malone, dentistry is a transformation process. Ultimately, he leaves everything in his patients’ hands but makes sure they know what’s possible when it comes to helping them achieve optimal oral health and a beautiful set of teeth. Although he’s been in practice for over 40 years, Dr. Malone is continually studying new preventative and cosmetic techniques to offer to the patients that we serve. Identifying risk factors is a key element to this process so that you and your family can be better equipped to avoid unwanted dental concerns.