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Best rated of 2020 - Dentists in Fairmont, WV

Here are the top rated dentists in Fairmont, WV as rated by the community. These Fairmont professionals have received great reviews from customers for dentistry related appointments. Find out who made the cut and book your appointment today!
Dr. Cynthia Bonafield has been a practicing dentist in Fairmont WV for almost 25 years. . She is known to be a perfectionist with all the various dental services she provides. As a Fairmont dentist, she is warm, friendly and welcoming. She follows the activities of her patients because she truly cares about them. Behind her is an awesome dental team who is more than qualified and skilled in the various services.

Dr. Franklin D. Bonasso, DDS

100 Greenbrier Plaza, Fairmont, WV 26554
Dr. Franklin D. Bonasso, DDS is a practicing Fairmont dentist who does general dentistry. The patients at the dental clinic are more than happy because of the results they are getting. The Fairmont dental clinic is open for everyone and makes sure that the dental goals of each patient are achieved through a careful selection of dental services offered at the dentist office. Call the dentistry for an appointment.

Dr. Marcus C. Hatfield, DDS

705 Morgantown Avenue, Fairmont, WV 26554
Dr. Marcus C. Hatfield, DDS is a known dentist in Fairmont WV. He offers general dentistry in Fairmont, WV as well as the nearby towns. The patients who come to the fairmont dental have set goals and the practice always goes above and beyond to attain this. The various dental services are carefully chosen to address the needs of the patients and by that, it is tailor-made according to their uniqueness.

Dr. Kenny H. Koay, DDS is a dentist in Fairmont WV. He has great dentist reviews online, signifying the quality of work he does. The Fairmont dental clinic is easily accessible and the patients can come in and be served right away. The dental services offered are best to address the dental needs of the patients and are all tailor-made to achieve the goals of the patient. Schedule an appointment at this dentistry today.

Dr. Kristina L. Withrow-Naternicola, DDS is a very good dentist in Fairmont WV. She makes sure that she is able to give the patient the best dental care in the area. She uses her skills as a Fairmont dentist to help improve her patients' health. She is always very approachable and very caring during her interaction with the patient at the dental clinic. She is determined to give the best dental services to every patient.

Dr. Laura E. Withers-Boyles, DDS is a dentist in Fairmont WV who practices general dentistry. At the Fairmont dental clinic, the patients are very well-taken care of and are assured of the results they expect. The patients who come to the dental clinic are all unique and all the services are tailor-made to their unique needs. The team also makes sure that they feel comfortable during their dental visit.

David C. Stahr, Dds, Pllc

1030 Morgantown Avenue, Fairmont, WV 26554
Dr. David C. Stahr, Dds, Pllc is a stellar Fairmont dentist. He always makes sure that during his care, the patients feel comfortable and relaxed. He understands how nerve-wracking a dental visit is, hence, he carefully treats his patients. The Fairmont dental services offered are all tailor-made to suit the needs of the patient. He and his staff deliver the best care to the patients with an affordable rate.

Dr. Heather J. Ayers, DDS is a practicing dentist in Fairmont WV. She is fully committed to providing her patients the best dental services. As the patients arrive at the Fairmont dental clinic, they are right away greeted by the warm staff and are made comfortable. The dentist soon sees them and are given tailor-made dental services. The dentistry promises to give the patients the best dental treatment care that sets them apart from the rest.

Dr. Michael J. Meador, DDS is a dentist in Fairmont WV for almost 35 years. In his Fairmont dental practice, the patients get the best dental care in the area. He promises to give the patients quality service at an affordable price. All the dental services are tailor-made according to the needs of the patients and are given in a caring and comfortable environment, assisted by the warm staff. Schedule a visit at the dental clinic.

Dr. Ronald J. Croteau, DDS is unlike any other dentist in Fairmont WV. His Fairmont dental has garnered quite a number of loyal patients because of Dr. Croteau's exceptional skill and knowledge in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. There isn't a smile he's met that he hasn't been able to improve. Patients are extremely satisfied with his service because it's a guarantee of obtaining their dream smile.

Dr. Douglas C. Hannah, DDS comes highly recommended by many in his community. This dentist in Fairmont WV has a unique approach to treatment that makes him and his Fairmont dental stand out above all the rest. Aside from his advanced skills in cosmetic dentistry, his manner towards patients makes him very well-liked. Dr. Hannah keeps his patients calm as he transforms their smiles to that of celebrities.

Dr. Melissa M. Fallon, DDS's reputation precedes itself in the Fairmont community and other neighboring communities. Dr. Fallon's Fairmont dental is known for the almost instant results delivered in a painless manner. This Fairmont dentist is also known for her great attentiveness to her patients and their dental concerns, which makes it easy to trust her with their oral care. Whatever the concern, Dr. Fallon has failed to disappoint.

One of the most outstanding and brilliant dentists in Fairmont WV is no other than Dr. Adam Grubler. He is the communities' source for comprehensive dentistry and oral health care. He leads his team to a more passionate than ever dental practice in providing exceptional care to the individuals or families in and around his area. This Fairmont dentist designs his dental health services approach with his patients in mind.

Dr. Linda L. Ray, DDS

2012 Pleasant Valley Road, Fairmont, WV 26554
This very gracious Fairmont dentist, Dr. Linda L. Ray, has completed many hours of continuing education each year to keep her skill in painless dentistry sharp and stay abreast of the newest dental techniques and procedures. She is the Fairmont dental provider that has captured the trust and loyalty of her patients. Not only does she enjoy meeting different people, she really enjoys sharing her knowledge on oral hygiene practices and regimen.

Dr. Robert D. Flint, DDS

2684 White Hall Boulevard, Fairmont, WV 26554
Dr. Robert D. Flint, a dentist in Fairmont WV, strives to provide excellent care for patients in his most gentle dental manner while helping them achieve optimal oral health. Being the most sought-after Fairmont dentist, he feels a great sense of satisfaction from helping patients navigate through those dental challenges and dental emergencies being encountered along the way to achieving their healthiest smile ever.

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