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Jodi Mason


Bean Tree Pediatric Dentistry is an office like no other. We've taken the conventional office paradigm and turned it on its head. Our pediatric dental office is what we like to call the anti-dental, dental office. We designed our practice to be like a cozy home. A place where children don't have to feel afraid to visit the dentist. A place where they can come in, take off their shoes, plop down on the giant bean bag and watch a movie. You see, we love kids here. Most of us have one or more and those that don't, they act like kids themselves. It's all part of loving what you do and why our motto is “We love ‘em like our own”. Parents and patients are vital members of our team, and we encourage participation and feedback. We always strive to offer a positive and comfortable experience by: -keeping your waiting times to a minimum -having an office environment that feels more like a home than a dental office -offering less traumatic alternatives to typical dental restorations -focusing on prevention -listening attentively to the needs of each parent and patient We use sustainable products whenever we can, and we strive to minimize our impact on the environment in every way we can. We are not a large group practice. We are one doctor and a small staff, who will give you individualized attention and will see you as far more than just your insurance plan. We believe that it is a privilege to treat your children, and that we have a meaningful opportunity to make a difference in your children’s lives.

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