Photo of Dr. Jason Lee 李正舜 牙醫
34 years experience


大愛牙醫 Great Care Dental
40 North Park Victoria Drive, Suite B
Milpitas, California
Mon 9:00 am - 4:00 pm  
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李正舜牙醫博士 (Dr. Jason Lee) 具備三十多年的臨床診療經驗,是一位細心, 富愛心及耐心的資深醫師。 李醫師同時熱心於公益服務,他曾經擔任母校台北醫學大學牙科校友會總會長, 及台北市牙醫師公會理事, 早年致力於推動提升台灣的牙科醫療環境。 李醫師在工作之餘, 也長期投入偏鄉義診。他把診所命名為“大愛牙醫“, 提醒自己要以視病猶親的態度治療每一位求診的病患。他並且不斷進修以最專業技術來照顧病患, 使其身心皆安。基於這樣的理念, 他與病患之間的醫病關係十分良好, 長期以來深獲病患的信賴與尊重。 Dr. Jason Lee has had over 30 years of clinical experience working in both hospitals and private practice. After receiving a Doctorate at the Taipei Medical University, he sought to further improve his skills at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Since then, has continued to combine his experience with the latest technologies so that he can provide the highest quality dental care. He has named his clinic “Great Care” (大愛) as a reminder of his philosophy: to treat his patients like he would his own family and to constantly improve his skills so that he can provide the best for them.

Why should patients choose you as their provider instead of others in the area?

Our clinic is built upon the decades of trust we have with the Bay Area communities. If you are looking for an experienced bilingual dentist who is willing to work with you to take care of your health, look no further.

What are the top 3 treatments that you focus on?

1. Preventive care, including dental cleanings, are the foundation of this field. Patients alternate cleanings between me and our hygienist – this is not only a way for our clinic to provide better care, but also a good way for me to be stay in-tune with how all of our patients are doing. 2. I find that a lot of our patients have problematic gum infections. I enjoy working with them to get them from “I bleed every time I brush” to “Did I have that problem? It’s been so long.” 3. I always like a challenging extraction.

What are you proud of in your practice?

I am especially proud of my team: The office staff is always coming up with ways to better serve our patients. The clinic team is as professional as they are enthusiastic about teaching patients something new. Our hygienist, Li Li, received a degree from Jinan Dental School with further training as a Registered Dental Hygienist – she is among the best I know.

Which cases do you enjoy treating? Why?

I particularly enjoy helping patients with anterior restorations. There is a certain degree of skill required to blend colors and contours just right so that nobody can tell the tooth was ever broken. It’s a good way to show patients what I can do and earn their trust.

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  • Reviewed on January 24th, 2020  •  Verified patient
    It was a great experience! I needed to go to the dentist for a wisdom tooth extraction, and Dr. Lee walked me through the whole process, told me what I needed to know and the operation was fast. I was worried about pain so he listened to me when I said I could still feel and only did the extraction when I was ready. He answered all my questions about the recovery process too, and now I'm doing well.
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  • Reviewed on August 20th, 2019  •  Verified patient
    Professional and friendly staff. Very prompt to respond and help! Went with a dental emergency and got support from Dr. Lee and team immediately.
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  • Reviewed on August 16th, 2019  •  Verified patient
    it was nice. He explained in detail why things are not in the way it is and what needs to be done.
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