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Dr. Mandy Kouroshnia is a general dentist and dentist anesthesiologist practicing at Cityzen Dental located in Midtown Manhattan. Dr. Mandy attended McMaster University and earned her bachelor of science with a concentration on biochemistry before she started her dental studies at the renowned Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. Dr. Kouroshnia became passionate about finding solutions for patients who avoided dental treatment due to severe anxiety. While completing her residency in dental anesthesia at Jacobi medical center and being exposed to many interesting and challenging cases as the chief resident, she realized they need to use more than just chemical-induced sedation to help her patients. As a yoga and meditation practitioner, she began to notice the effects these practices had on the well-being of her patients thus CityZEN dental came to realization. At Cityzen Dental we offer patients pre and post procedures like Reiki sessions, breath awareness, essential oil therapy and joint movements to reduce dental anxiety and help with pain management. Dr. Mandy is passionate about helping patients achieve their optimum oral health in a warm relaxed and compassionate setting. Her dental artwork, along with her penchant for patient education and awareness, has helped many patients achieve lifelong brighter and healthier smiles.

Services Offered 13 Services