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Dr. Sangmin Shin has a variety of work and educational experience. He was born in Busan, South Korea, and studied Physics at Seoul National University, the top university in the country and received a degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), and afterwards led a research team in Samsung Electronics department. As a physicist and an engineer, he acquired high level of scientific knowledge which, in turn, supplemented his knowledge and professionalism for his new degree in dentistry (DDS, Doctor of Dental Surgery) attained from the Seoul National University. Thanks to his unique double-degree background, he is able to provide service to his patients in evidence-based and scientifically-proven manner. Furthermore, he has dedicated his energy to more predictable, reproducible, and comfortable treatment outcomes for his patients. Although our primary goal is to protect patients’ natural teeth, we proudly offer affordable implants for patients who have no other choice. Due to Dr. Shin’s experience of having done more than 2,000 dental implants so far, he recognizes all variables necessary for success in implants and has become confident in providing a safe and predictable implant. He is also a clinical advisor of HiOssen implant company. Dr. Shin’s motto on implants is “Safe and Economical(SAFECO)” implant. On the other hand, he is also focusing on less invasive treatments on tooth cavities and gum diseases, and is researching some technological innovations in this field. Currently he collaborates with KAIST, the top engineering university in South Korea, to develop several dental devices which give more comfort and less pain to patients during treatments.