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Oakview Dental Group
2450 Neyagawa Boulevard
Oakville, Ontario
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Dr. Rashid graduated from the Baghdad University of Dentistry in 1988, where he received a Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree in Dentistry. During Dr. Rashid’s internship in Baghdad his training focused on oral surgery and medically compromised clients. Dr. Rashid practiced in general dentistry for 13 years in Baghdad until he and his family moved to Amman, Jordan in 2002. Here he practiced in a specialty center for dental implants, and in 2004 became a member of the German Society of Oral Implantology. In 2007, Dr. Rashid and his family moved to Canada, where he enrolled and studied at the University of Alberta, receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 2012. Since graduation Dr. Rashid has practiced in the GTA as a General Dentist, focusing his practice in Oral Surgery and Implantology. Dr. Rashid is a Registered Member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) and a member in good standing with the Ontario Dental Association (ODA). Taking up most of his time, Dentistry remains his number one passion. His hard work and dedication to the dental profession is apparent through his work and his commitment to continued education. When not perfecting smiles, Dr. Rashid enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling and camping.

Frequently asked questions

Where is Dr. Ammar Rashid's office located?

Dr. Ammar Rashid's office is in Oakville, ON.

What services does Dr. Ammar Rashid offer?

Dr. Ammar Rashid offers Bonding, Bridges / Dentures, Cleaning and more. Learn more about Dr. Ammar Rashid's services on Opencare or book your appointment today.

Education & Certifications

University of Alberta, Canada
Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario
Jun 28, 2012

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