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Dr. Terry G. Fiori
777 Welch Road, Suite K
Palo Alto, California

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  • Excellent Implant Surgeon and Laser Gum Periodontist
    Reviewed on December 8th, 2015
    My entire life, I neglected my teeth. Over time, I lost a few and many were simply hanging on. I came to Dr. Fiori about 10 years ago with missing teeth, infections, pain, bad breath and bleeding gums. While under his care, I have since had an extraction (or two, I can't remember), implants, gum surgery and the LANAP laser to save the teeth I have. Just last week, I had two more implants! His prices are more than reasonable (he gives me a discount since I'm without insurance). All reasons I cross a bridge to see them. After nearly a decade, I can finally chew again on my right side! I finally met someone who didn't judge me but wants to help me. To this day, he doesn't judge me. Every dentist I have been to has, but Dr. Fiori doesn't. Him and his staff have a such a positive attitude. They're all truly wonderful. Along with any patient leaving as I walk in, or one checking in as I walk out, we are all treated as family and you can't get any better than that.
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