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Whether you meet someone new or catch up with an old friend, the talk often turns to what you do for a living. After you say what you do, you are sometimes asked, “If you had it to do over again, would you?” My answer to this, I already did. After getting a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon in 2000, I worked in corporate retail for a few years. I enjoyed my experience and wouldn’t trade it for anything, but I found it lacking in personal connection with the public. I got into dentistry because I wanted to work more directly with people, and do something where I could tangibly measure my ability to benefit others. So, I had it to do over, and dentistry is what I chose. After graduating from OHSU dental school in 2008, I began practicing with my father in the Beaverton area and have been here ever since. When I’m not working in the office, I enjoy obstacle course races and running, reading and golfing, tailgating and watching Oregon Ducks football. I enjoy spending time with my wife, Cristina (who is also a dentist), our daughter Julia, and our two cats and new puppy.