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THE PRIME PURPOSE OF OUR PRACTICE is to help you and all our patients keep their natural teeth for life. We believe in developing enjoyable relationships with our patients based on sharing information honestly on all oral conditions and developing a treatment that is in your best interest. I believe you should be completely informed of the advantages and disadvantages of treatment alternatives so that you can make a choice that suits you. EXCELLENCE and DEDICATION TO DETAIL are the passwords of our practice. I only work on one patient at a time, so your appointment time is reserved with me or my hygienist. We strongly believe in developing an achievable plan of prevention and correction prior to starting treatment. We believe that you will like our approach. It is simple, honest, and direct; it is less costly in the long run because, with good planning, we know where we are going before we begin. I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your dental needs. Sincerely, Sabine A. Purps, DDS, APC

Education & Certifications

Julius-Maximilian's University of Würzburg
Dental Board of California
May 9, 2000