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Kevin Vu, DDS, brings more than 22 years of experience in general, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry to Toothscaler Dental, located in San Jose, California, serving patients throughout Santa Clara County and the Bay Area. Dr. Vu began his professional education at the University of California, Santa Barbara. After obtaining his undergraduate degree, Dr. Vu enrolled at Temple University in Philadelphia, where he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery. After graduation, Dr. Vu completed two years of specialty training in cosmetic dentistry with a focus on crowns and bridges. As the owner of Toothscaler Dental, Dr. Vu works to serve men, women, and families of the Bay Area, providing personalized, quality dental care in a spa-like environment. Toothscaler Dental opened in 2013 and is Dr. Vu’s second practice. In addition to preventive services such as oral exams and cleanings, Dr. Vu offers pediatric dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, wisdom teeth extractions, and orthodontics, including 6-Month Braces and Invisalign®. Dr. Vu also provides cosmetic dentistry services including dental implants, crowns, bridges, and teeth whitening. Dr. Vu always takes the time to treat patients individually, listening to their questions and concerns. Following treatment, Dr. Vu gives every patient a special plastic preventive tool known as PLAQUE SCRAPER. Dr. Vu invented this FDA-approved device and it’s the perfect compliment to regular home dental care like brushing and flossing. Currently, Dr. Vu is working to get the product sold over-the-counter in local stores and pharmacies. To access the best, most comprehensive oral health care in the Bay Area, call or use the online booking tool and make an appointment at Toothscaler Dental today.

Education & Certifications

Temple University in Philadelphia
Dental Board of California
Aug 13, 1997