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We genuinely care for your oral health. Our focus is to provide professional care that is personalized, convenient, and cost effective. If you are looking for a dentist who is gentle, compassionate, and strives for excellence, look know further!

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

1.Our office is very personal and unique. Our waiting room gives a cozy, peaceful and safe feeling to our patient. It's designed so our patient can feel we're here to make their experience as comfortable as possible. 2. We have a nice TV mount on the ceiling so the patients can get their mind off of the procedure during their visit. 3. Our patients can book appointment through our website as well as through the telephone. We can have patient insurance verification done beforehand for an easier visit. 4. We are open on Saturdays from 9AM to 4PM for our busy patients who cannot make it during the weekday. 5. Lastly, we have an in-office membership program for those who don't have insurance. It's very reasonably price a $350 for 2 exam, 2 cleaning and 1 sets of Xrays as well as 35-40% coverage on dental procedures when needed. In addition, I want my patients to make sure their loved ones are also in good health, therefore I offer $50 of the membership if there are more than two family members buying the membership.

What are you and your team proud of at your practice?

1. I'm very proud of the relationships and trusts build between our team and our patients. A large majority of patients feel they are well take care of here. They also know and feel I'm here for their health, which will always be a priority over our financial goals. Because of our sincere care for our patients in term of their health, access to care, and comfort, my patients have express their appreciation by rating us with 29 five star review on Yelp this year, putting us as #1 in our area. 2. We have many services needed to restore a patient back to optimal oral health and maintain it. Between the services we offer and the relationship we built with exceptionally qualified specialists nearby, our patients feels safely in good hands 3. We are very compassionate to our patient's needs as they appears. Whether it's physical or emotional pain or financial burden, we understand how you feel. So we work compassionately with our patients to get them the care they need.

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